All In It Together - Snap #227

Most of us go through life doing our own thing.  But then one day you realize that some of those random strangers are actually on your team.  Snap Judgment proudly presents, "All In It Together.” 

Lock Down

When a prison yard conflict between guards and an inmate heats up, one guard puts himself in the line of fire.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich

The Definition of Cool

Stephanie goes from being an independent, nerdy kid to just another sheep in the herd when she falls for the most popular girl in school.  But no matter how hard she tries, “cool” remains elusive.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Eye for an Eye for an Eye

Rais Bhuyian’s parents taught him to forgive. They never knew how powerful that forgiveness could be. Check out more of Rais Bhuyian’s work at

Producers: Anna Sussman and Stephanie Foo

Fortune Found

When Erin Auerbach gets the chance to become a telephone psychic, she knew it was a risk, but the reward proved priceless.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Letters to Santa - Miracle on 22nd Street

You can feel when Christmas starts sweeping New York. The tree goes up in Rockefeller plaza, snow piles on lampposts.  For Dylan and Jim, the mailbox at their apartment on 22nd Street starts to fill up with letters to Santa.

Thanks so much to the New York Times and Sarah Klein for making this gorgeous mini documentary about Dylan and Jim. It’s a must-watch. If you’re in New York, help Dylan and Jim out by visiting their Facebook page, but they ask that you also participate in Operation Santa. Operation Santa fulfills letters to Santa from children across the nation. You can get your own letter to fulfill at your local post office.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Blood Currency

Mohammed's mother is in a coma in a Beirut hospital and needs blood to survive.  Mohammed and his father must venture deep into Hezbollah territory to find the blood to save her life, but he comes away with something more.

Producer: Mark Ristich

Boarding School Hustle

Stephen was a model student in a British boarding school who took a younger awkward lad under his wing. Together they used their good boy reputation to swindle the school out of thousands until the under-master got wind of their scheme. That's when the real adventure began...

Producers: Lindsey Lee Keel and Renzo Gorrio