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5150 Danger to Self

Listen here to the full hour as heard on NPR.

On "5150 - Danger to Self," Snap Judgment drops stories of people who are their own worst enemy. Push through the hallways of a psychiatric ward, obsess over a late night talk radio host, and then get ready to run for your life.

Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist

In the ER psychiatric ward in San Francisco's busiest hospital, murder threats aren't quite as rare as you might think. Every day, mental health specialists make decisions to keep us safe from ourselves and others, but sometimes the tables get turned . . . Producer Roman Mars interviews Dr. Paul Linde, author of "Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist," the book that inspired this radio show.

Voice in the Sky

Dayna's gig as a late night DJ puts her on the receiving end of some unwelcome attention from an admirer. Snap Judgment follows one fan's trail of obsession. Produced by Rebecca Hertz and narrated by Glynn Washington.

Straight and Narrow

The Straight and Narrow: When Justin McClure's wife left him, he lost control of his life -- and his car. Multiple times. After racking up three DUIs, Justin landed in jail. In order to get his life back, Justin is running as fast as he can.

Narrated by Glynn Washington.

Produced by Roman Mars and Rebecca Hertz.

The Ghost Train

You know the story of the Ghost Train? The G Train. Does it exist or doesn't it? Producer Mark Ristich shows just how desperate NYC mass transit can make you. Here's to all those waiting on platforms reading "Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone."

The Kid Runs

The Kid is beyond hope. The Kid is on and off meds. The Kid no longer takes care of himself. Conventional wisdom says The Kid won't change. But this Kid will surprise you. This short "phoner" by Rebecca Hertz is an example of just what can come from our story line.

Beating Las Vegas

Glynn gets a call from a childhood friend who's alone, homeless and stranded in a place he'd rather not visit.

Amazon Jungle

When a North American photographer makes his way into the Amazonian jungle to visit a native tribe, he learns why the Brazilian government keeps nosy tourists as far away as possible.   Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Game Over

The tape rolls as we witness the tearful end of a perfect online world.

Produced by Roman Mars, based on a story from Robert Ashley's brilliant A Life Well Wasted internet radio program.

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