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The Lock in the Lord's Lair

Inside that secret box, behind that mysterious locked closet door, sometimes we never want to know what’s in there.  But other times we’re willing to put everything on the line for it.  Find out what Trey does when he discovers the secret closet of a televangelist.  

Producer: Julia DeWitt

Special Delivery

Alix Wall thought she was doing a good deed for a fellow Deadhead when she took a package for him to Israel. But her real good deed would come unwittingly, 20 years later.

This story was based off of Alix’s article for Salon. She’s a writer and personal chef in Oakland. Check her out right here.

Genesis, Lady Jaye, and the Pandrogyne

A story about the lengths that people will go to for love. Find out more at Genesis P-Orridge’s website.

Producers: Nick van der Kolk and Brendan Baker

End of Days

Did one man save the future of the entire planet?

Answer: Probably.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Breaking Good

Ken Goddard was a young deputy sheriff trying to go undercover as a meth chemist to infiltrate a major drug ring. Only one problem: he had no idea how to make meth. So he asked his old college professor to teach him...catalyzing a complicated, decades-long relationship.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The Constitutional

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau, you have to get out of the car.

Producer: Mark Ristich


Katie Mingle had no idea what she got herself into when she met a little dog. A version of this story originally aired on Re:sound.

Producers: Katie Mingle, with Nick van der Kolk

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Julia Romp’s seven year old son didn’t speak a word until an unexpected visitor arrived at their home. Find out more about Julia’s story in her book.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Pops Vox - Foo Mix

Stephanie Foo and Natalia Jaeger hit the streets  to ask the question, “What advice did your daddy ever give you?”

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Natalia Jaeger

Top Of The World - Father's Day

Forty years ago, Alan Sussman hitchhiked through India, Afghanistan and Nepal, before  climbing his way to a mountaintop temple called Tengboche Monastery, on the trail to Everest Base Camp.  
Last year, he asked his daughter, Snap Judgment producer Anna Sussman, to make the same trek with him, one last time.

Producer: Anna Sussman

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