Snap Judgment Live Casting Call!


Think you can kick your story for a live Snap Judgment audience?

Well, listen up.  Snap Judgment is the smoking hot new NPR radio show broadcast on over 160 stations nationwide, reaching almost a quarter million people each and every week (the fastest growing show in public media).

We’re about to bust out a brand new live episode show, at the Oakland Museum of California, Friday June 3rd, Saturday June 4th.

The theme of the show?   “Drama, Mama!”

Snap Judgment, the "Grey Zone" just dropped . . .

Snap Judgment - cloak and dagger style, baby!  You're not gonna believe who double-crossed who on Snap's "The Grey Zone."  Subscribe now and get the free podcast delivered piping-hot to your device thingy. 

Snap Judgment's Call for Stories . . .

Snap Judgment, "Storytelling, with a BEAT" is calling for stories!

Snap rocks character and producer narrated, dramatic, first-person stories that air on over 160 NPR stations (and growing) nationwide.  Snap stories are heavily produced with music and sound design and need not have a news hook.  Distributed by PRX and NPR, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, pay scale is on par with other national radio programs.

Snap Judgment TELEVISION!

This weekend, Snap Judgment leaps from NPR radio to your TV!



Snap Judgment LIVE! - Get Tickets for Oct 29th Show!


Super Secret Snap Salon . . .


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