chai's story

Dear Snapjudgers,

In 2009 I went to cambodia and interviewed a former child soldier turned engineer and aid worker for several months.

After 3 years, I crunched about 50 pages of transcripts into a 45 minute spoken word thingy. It's alright, but my training is with print. And deep down I wonder what proper engineers and journalists could do with the materials. There are just some amazing stories there that deserve a better champion than my introverted, not-marketing-savvy, self.

9: Mines
Everyone had mines. The Khmer Rouge, the Vietnamese, even the village. Sometimes, many times--every day, people were having accidents with the landmines. The children didn't fear the landmines. They were so much a part of daily life, like the shelling--it was something that just happened.
Many times a villager would place landmines at night to protect the village from the Khmer Rouge. Then they would get drunk and then forget where they had put the mine and the next morning

“someone would have an accident with the landmine.”

full text and link to the soundcloud is here


Peter Martin