Chapter 26

I'm watching wrestling on T.V.  These guys are beasts.  I wrestled in high school.  I hurt someone my junior year.  I never wrestled again.
I'm back home from my first bike ride.  I dropped a back pack off.  That was exhausting.  
The critic has been yelling for the last half our to "leave" my dorm complex.  
I don't think I can carry my bunk bed on my bike.  Its my sunday.  I'm hung over.  My roommate works the graveyard shift.  I'm not moving right now critic.  
I want to watch tv and be weighed down by this awesome burrito in my belly.  Have you ever been weighed down by an awesome burrito in your belly, critic?
God dam that was a good burrito.
My excuse to not take a hike is the creek to my favorite waterfall isn't running yet.  When it runs, it runs for about two months of the year.  Its one of the escape routs the indians used when white men invaded this miserable far off majestic wilderness.
The critic says, "Awe cute!"
I wonder how my cat fish is doing.  I will go check my email.
The critic still wants rap.  I told you critic.  I will force a poem since the longest time because you changed me and made yourself apart of my daily life.  If you hadn't done what you did, things would be completely different.  They are not.  We are getting through this transition of moving and making sure I don't get evicted for calling pussies pussies.  Then we will go to Costa Rica.  Then I will give you a poem.  You will except responsibility for your roll in this critic.  You will accept it and I won't care if you do or don't like it.
I want to be drunk again.  Hair on the dog.  I don't remember going to bed last night.  I think I'm going to ask everyone out on a date at work.  I somehow have to do it fast enough to where they can't communicate with each other and tell themselves what I'm doing.  If I just approach everyone in the kitchen and flirt and ask each one out.  Then make my way through the hotel and ask all the front of the house employees out on a date.  It needs to be stated in a way that I don't need an answer.  It would just be assumed that of course they would go on a date with me.  And then at the end of the day the entire staff of the hotel would be going on a date with me.
I just found more burrito.  The awesome burrito was not entirely in my belly, only three quarters.  I'll be right back.
Maybe the critic wants to go out on a date?  Are you sexy critic?  What you look like isn't important.  Can you make me happy?  And then we can get along.  I hope your not as forward as my cat fish.
I bought Ice cream and a red bull and cigarettes.  I'm going to take my shoes off and not wear them the rest of the day.  Today is going to be AWESOME! 
I watched a Ted Talks where she spoke of stress and now I feel more smart.  She says that Ice cream is my sunshine.  I'm going to put my shoes back on and take the second of thirty five bike rides today.  And I'm going to make out with you ice cream and get oxytocin all over the place tonight.