Chapter 27

Chapter 27
I wonder if they can make tampons for men with really bad gas.  My room smells.  I'm moving soon.  The second ride is over.  There is no way I could do this in thirty five rides.  I close my eyes when I'm riding my bike.  Just like when a car is near me at an intersection I'm walking across.  I close my eyes because I don't want to see a dick in a mouth.  Its habit now.  Its dangerous on the bike.  
The box car I'm moving into I had visited when I first got here 5 years ago.  I went over late at night with some girl.  She led me to her door.  I said I would be back and needed to go to the bathroom which is a separate box car.  When I returned I entered the room that had the door slightly open.  There was a girl, not the girl I had gone there with.  She was asleep on her stomach and had just a thong on and a blanket barley covering her thighs.  There was space on the bed that looked as if another person had gotten up in the middle of the night.  Someone was on their way back soon.  I calmly shut the door and left, walking home in the dark.
Since I got here, in the far off miserable majestic wilderness, people want me to get in trouble.  Hand held traps for me to lose my job here.  It never happened people.  Would you do things the same again now that I'm publicly calling you out?
My neighbor said hi.  They say hi in a loud "Sup," and then a muffled "dick."  They are so sneaky to disguise dick as my name.  They are so fun to talk to.  As I enter my room I hear the guy say "They played you."  Play on players.
The critic says "teach her."  Ok.  Hey her, I think you need to grow up.  Maybe think for yourself.  If you tell me how you know "James." I will have sex with you. The end.
Until then all my attention is focused completely on my ice cream.  My eyes are shut and I'm flying on my bike through an intersection and I have ice cream inside every part of my mouth.  And you ain't got none.  I couldn't wait until tonight.  I ate my ice cream.  It was chocolate mocha.  You will never enjoy ice cream as much as I'm enjoying ice cream right now.  Ever!  I don't care if you have buckets of it on a twister mat with sexy women only wearing thongs.  Never will anyone in the history of the world enjoy ice cream as much as I'm enjoying my ice cream.  And there is chocolate all over my lips.  
I'm watching Ted Talks again.  This time its Edward Snowden.  The video has stopped and is reloading for the longest time.  I can hear him tell me the advice that everyone tells.  When his story was first being broke to the news and he was seeking asylum in Russia.  I thought he was going to let the world know that I was writing these crazy notes to my critic.  And I would go to russia and live in asylum with him in a Moscow airport.   And the patriot act would be shot because it was being used for entertainment.  That never happened.  I'm going to ask my cat fish for asylum.
Democracy was born behind closed doors And we were born behind those same closed doors.  And you cannot read my story as I write it.   But you can how ever let Lelu talk to me.  Hi Lelu, Lelu from we can get together anytime.  I work tomorrow.  My mornings open.  Lets make a video.  There is some amazing scenery here.  Come to my restaurant, lunch is on me.