Cross Country 6 day Car Bomb

  The year was 1998, I was 24 Years old, and I was in my second year of teaching at a Preparatory School in Florida.  A grand tradition at the Middle School I taught at was that each grade take a trip to bringing harmony and unity to each class. Generally, these trips were packed with fun, and for the 8th grade student body, these trips usually involved cross country travel. The Previous year was my first at the school, so I was kindly told that it was my acclimation year, and a trip like this called for a seasoned veteran of 2 years.

 So, here we were, 4:30 AM in the morning at the airport. The itinerary involved rounding up over 60 8th grade students in the terminal, feeding them through the check in line to receive their tickerts and then of course, boarding the plane and observing the abject horror of those who had to travel with 60 hormonal 13-14 year olds.