Full List of Songs - The Crown



You're the queen of our hearts. Which is why we put all the songs from The Crown right here for you to see. Check it out!


The Prince

Apollo Brown Know the Time

Atmosphere Shrapnel

Lemon Jelly The Curse of Ka' Zar

Matmos & So Percussion Aluminum

Blockhead Escape the Meadow


The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

Damon Albarn Closet Romantic

Apollo Brown Time Passed Autumn

Your Hand In Mine Neighbours

Lemon jelly Elements

Michael Andrews I'm Not Following You

Porn Sword Tobacco Detta Är Kärleken Som Dansar

Deaf Center Divided

This WIll Destroy You Black Dunes

Lemon jelly Experiment Number Six

Aidan Knight Figure I (Emerson)

MONO Burial At Sea

Winterlight I Still Hope


Saudi Princesses

Yelle Ce Jeu

Mohamed Maksoud Bent el Nile

And I Was a Boy From School Hot Chip

Balkan Beat Box Habibi Min Zaman

Aamina Ra'd With a Child's Eye

The Echlone Effect Branches and Contellations

Bonobo Days to Come

Feist Cicadas and Gulls

Daniel Pemberton My Advice Pt. 3

Library Tapes Fragment II

Hammock Andalusia


Secret Identity

Dosh Everybody Cheer Up Song

Philter Air

Ugress Sepia Rainbows

Howie B. Fizzy In My Mouth/Your Mouth

Populous With Short Stories Test Your Dreams

Youth Lagoon Cannons

Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars Goombay Interlude

Active Child Ivy

Cloud Cult Chemicals Collide

Tape Hotels

Blonde Redhead 23

Alias Death Watch

Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars Toman Teti M'Ba Akala

Ugress Snowball Windmill Particles

Plaid Diddymousedid

Isan Merman Sound


North Korean Techno Party

Blue States The Golden Touch

Thievery Corporation Tamarindio (Thievery Corporation Remix)

Seoul Music Ensemble Korean Shakuhachi

Far East Movement Like A G6

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool Dance The Way I Feel

YACHT It's All The Same Price

Linda Evangelista I Don't Get Out Of Bed For Less Than $10,000 A Day

Blockhead Creeps Crouchin

Steve Boedekker & Randy Thorn Score for a Brief Bad Dream

Simian Mobile Disco Hustler


Dancing Bear

Near The Parenthesis Good Evening

Distant Past The Flute Keeper

Bola Vertiphon

Hip Hop Instrumentals Reflections of a Drama Scene

Metaform Electric Eyes

Soundmachine There She Is, Miss America (Backing Track Version in the Style of Bert Parks)

Midwest Product Alternator

Message to Bears Hidden Beneath

Dosh First Impossible

Gustavo Santaolalla Amazonas

Muchuu Getaway Train

Randy Granger Dragonfly Drummers