Full List of Songs - Monsters


Godzilla Week

Akira Ifukube - Godzilla vs. Mothra Main Title
Akira Ifukube - Godzillas Rampage
Ruff Ryders - They Ain't Ready (Instrumental)
3rd Floor - Bad Times pt.2

Shark Cage
M.O.P. - Sharks in the Water



Shamanic Journey Drumming - Shamanic Drums

near the parenthesis - Good Evening

lyle workman - Good Man Bad Place

Beware of Safety - Lowercase West

Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet - Arnold

Clint Mansell and Kronos Quartet - Dr pill

near the parenthesis - Intertia

Mum - I'm 9 today

lyle workman - Weight of the World

Mum - Half Noise


 Bubbles the Hyena

The Black Keys - I'm Not the One

Perfume Genius - Learning

The Knife - Copenhagen

Free the Robots - Wandering Gypsy

Sneaker Pimps - Low Place Like Home

Gotye - State of the Art

Gotye - Smoke and Mirrors

Blue Sky Black Death - Sleeping Children are Still Flying

Ratatat - Bare Feast


Prison Pen Pal

Xela - Last Breath

Here We Go Magic - Hands in the Sky

Peaking Lights - Amazing and Wonderful

Maserati - Ambassador Of Cinema

Dabrye - How Many Times (With This)

Tristeza Balabaristas

Do Make Say Think - Classic Noodlanding

Tristeza - Abrazo Distante

The Black Dog - Train By The Autobahn (Part 1)

Isan - Snowdrops And Phlox

Tristeza - Bromas

Jon Hopkins - The Low Places

Goldmund - Brown Creek

Ernest Gonzales - Glass Pyramids


Guagee Monster
Alan Silvestri - General’s Resign
Les Baxter - Aqueducts


Oh No - Raw Stew
Aesop Rock - Cycles To Gehenna
SicksentZ - Zone Out
Beat Butcha - We Aint Playin
Ayatollah - It
Gravediggaz - false things must perish (instrumental)
Islim - Waglik #2 (instrumental)
Skalpel - Seaweed
Grimeshine - Inhale Breakbeats
Oh No - The Ride
RJD2 - Please, Don't (Instrumental Version)
JuSoul - i.got.99.probLems.but.my.kiCks.aint.one
Danny Elfman - Deadly Handshake
Jazz Liberatorz - Clin D'oeil

Music Breaks
Freddie Joachim - Limits
Small Professor - funk you, i'm selling out