gardening for the MN mob

live in a tiny little town. i would, in fact, feel comfortable saying it's cute. i was not born here nor did i grow up here. ive really only been here about 2 yrs. but this little town is where i started gardening. i have become a bit obsessive about it. well it didn't take long for people to notice the undertakings i was undertaking. pulling up bushes, trimming huge trees, weeding, planting, transplanting, and the lot. my neighbors have been very neighborly and helped me out of minor jams. i decided i would start lending other people a hand when they needed it, in that same manner. i was inspired. so i did.



a few evenings back, this lovely little polish lady knocks on my door. i have waved 'hi' to her before while she would walk her dog around the town. no real conversation though. i greeted her with a very hospitable salutation and , im sure, a bewildered look.  she had her dog with her and a cigarette half finished. i invited her in but she declined as she only came by to tell me that poor lady down on her luck needed some help getting her yard and hedging to look presentable. I said i would go see her and i did. 

man, was this one a talker. super long story short, i said i'd be back when i got a chance to get started on some easy stuff. so i was and i did. the actual work itself was mundane. dug up some roots, raked some leaves, yadda yadda. we worked for 3 1/2 hours and all the while, she talked. this is what i heard today. (not all three hours of course. no need for that.)

she was born to a crazy man and a crazy woman. the father was so bonafide due to his genetic relation to a real, true life murderer. heinous. in any case, the mom would put her and her brother in to the playpen with the kids from across the way and go get plastered. those kids eventually became like family there. i dont know how strongly i can use that word 'family' in this context, but just know that. this mom shacked up with whatever and whoever and had children that were mixed racially. the mom treated the mixed children the worst. it was awful the things they were called and the humiliation the felt. one of the mixed children at some point killed himelf. the rest of them became drug addicts and went on to screw theyre lives all kinds of up and down and all over.

an important detail comes from way back when. while they were still pretty young, a farmer, who was a good man, would do things to help the kids care for themselves. he understood theyre situation and watched them grow and did what he could when he could. eventually the closeness they developed spilled over into this old mans will. they were to be left a small fortune. one of the boys started planning his murder. this boy had turned into a severe addict of some sort. so he and a friend planned it all out. one day this old man was hit by a hit and run driver and killed. the driver and car were never found.

being that they were idiots, they would get trashed and talk. and they had mentioned suspicious things in front of her. this is the part where i had to stop what i was doing. she said that her and her brother were together the night they they got the call that the farmer had been killed. the brother took the call and never flinched. he hung up the phone and immediately said something along the lines of  "well looks like we're gonna be rich". no emotion or anything other than whatever it was that he said.

then there were all of the peculiar things after it happened. she told me how she had seen evidence in an on his car. he even seem to boast subtly. It is at this time that she admits to me the depth of network of nogoodnicks these guys were part of. she told about what amounted to someone ordering a 'hit' from the inside and the case has gone cold now. her siblings are all estragnged now except for her and her brother. she helps him out with a roof and food now and then. but she hates it cuz she really wants to tell someone but shes afraid they'll find out it was her and kill her. so she doesn't. I totally believe her. her demeanor changed as she told me everything. she seemed relieved to be talking about it. by the end of guided adventure, the tone was far more casual than it had begun. we stopped talking about it and continued gardening stuff for a while. then i went home. i dont know if im going back tomorrow.