Ghostly Encounters

Right out of school I moved to Estes Park, CO and lived and worked at the Stanley Hotel. Yup, the Stanley where Stephen King wrote The Shining.

We had numerous ghost stories and encounters. The it was such a regular thing it became normal and you just brushed it off when it happened, being an employee and resident the ghosts almost became your friends.

One weekend some old friends of mine came up for a visit. We were wandering around the Hotel late at night looking at all the strange things and telling them stories.

We were standing in the hall on the 4th floor talking about when the hotel was built the 4th floor was the maids quarters. Many of the maids were also mistresses for the wealthy guests and were pregnant. when they gave birth the children were often disposed of. Many people staying on the 4th floor have reported hearing children crying late at night when no children are staying in the hotel.

Right as I finished the story we felt a breeze coming up the hall. Jasmine was forcefully pushed against the wall, Val shivered and ducked just as something invisible flew by her head and I was hugged by a warm motherly feeling breeze.

They were terrified and we left.