Grandpa's Chicken in Beer

My Grandma was, THE. BEST. COOK.  My mom was going to college full time, working on her doctorate and ontop of working three jobs trying to support two kids, her mom, and her little brother and little sister.  So in my house, my Grandma did all the cooking.  So I was really surprised to learn that one of my favorite reiepies wasn't actually my Grandma's... it was started by my Grandpa.  

See back in 1954 my Grandma was pregnant with her 4th kid, my uncle Paul.  She ended up having eight all together.  She was having a bit of difficulty with this pregnancy and the doctor ordered her to be on bedrest.  Now bedrest for my Grandma was quite hard.  Like I said, this was her 4th.  She had 3 little kids all under the age of 5 running around the house already, plus she was babysitting like half the kids in the neighborhood.  

So one day dinnertime rolls around and my Grandma is flat on her back on the couch.  My Grandpa says to her ... honey ... don't worry.  I got this, and heads off into the kitchen.  Now from what I understand he wasn't much of a cook.  Ya gotta remember this is the 1950s.  Cooking was women's work.  

About 45 minutes... sniff sniff... she smells ... sniff sniff.... this most ... sniff ... amazing ... sniff... smell comming out the kitchen.  She struggles to get up off the couch and waddles toward the kitchen.  She pushes open the door and theres Grandpa standing in front of the oven with the oven door open.  And he ... he's got a beer in his hand.  And ... and he's taking a sip of beer saying "one for me..."  then he pours some of his beer on the chicken.  "... and one for you..."  

"JACK!" my Grandma yells.  "You're gonna ruin it!"

"Who is cookin here?"  My Grandpa snaps back.  "You or me?  Now go lay back down."

My Grandma goes and lays back down on the couch.  And another 15 minutes later or so my Grandpa serves her the most tender, juciest, delicious, finger-lick'n piece of chicken she's had in her LIFE!

Now, to this day... this is usually how we cook chicken around my house.  

I'll be more than happy to pass the actual recipie along so you can put it up on the web for listeners.  Including all the super secret family mix of herbs and spices.  I might no be invited to the next family reunion, but I'll share it with my fellow snappers.