Guardian something

When I was 14, I thought it would be a great idea to go white water rafting with my best friend. We had never gone, we had a small yellow inflatable raft. What could go wrong? 

It was just spring maybe April or may, and it was a beautiful sunny day. It had rained all night so it was surly to be quite and adventure.My friend lived next to a scenic waterway, very populare for the canoe and kyakers in our area of scenic upstate New York. We set off. What more did we need, but our excitement for adventure and the clothes on our backs? 

We arrived to the launch site, realized this was a serious flowing stream, got in the boat and befor we could launch, were scrambling to stay straight. 

We had been swimming in this winding creek millions of times, but much further down. We thought we would ride the water until we got to our usual hang out- "the abondoned bridge". Pull to shore and call it a day. 

As  we start picking up speed, a lot of speed, to be honest the fastest I had ever one not in a vehicle, we looked at each other and realized, " what they hell are we doing!?" As we decided to just roll with it, being that at this point we had no other choice, we hit a curved and ahead was a HUGE tree that had fallen over the creek. We decide either go around or go through. We were going way too fast to go around, so we would be going through. 

As we approached the tree we realized we wouldn't get between the branches and my leg his the tree and flipped us. Next thing I know I realize we are hanging on the trunk of a huge tree next to one another. We looked  at each other and didn't know if we should laugh or cry., so we  Started yelling help. It was very loud, all the rushing water and all. And as soon as we had been there for 15 minutes getting very cold. We hear "hang on"

I kid you not, two off duty water rescuers, in their kyakes saw us and pulled us out. The current was so strong, it had sucked off my pants. We walked home, me with no pants, and my best friend hiding a deflated yellow boat.  To this day, I don't know who they men were, how they found us, and why we are alive to tell the story.