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A long time ago, I lived in California for six years.
The first two years were like an exciting adventure,
the next two seemed darker than the bowels of hell,
and the last two were like a slow, agonizing recovery.


Temp-to-hire doesn't last forever...but sometimes it's hard to convince yourself otherwise.


I'm about to take a relaxing tropical swim, until....


Breakups are a bitch. April Wolfe learns to cope by getting wasted and exhibiting some uncharacteristic behaviors--mostly involving bacon. 

This story won 2nd place at the April 15 Ten Fingers! Ten Fingers is a free, all ages San...


Emily  would have done almost anything for her first boyfriend. And she would do it almost everywhere. So when she finally drew the line, she didn't expect everything to come crashing down. 


CAUTION: Explicit sexual...




In Honduras,  the police and medical facilities aren't organized enough to clean up and hide freshly killed bodies quickly. The result? The public gets a full viewing. Charles Stevens learned this the hard way.

WARNING: Some graphic...


The truths discovered in documentary films often reveal far more than meet the eye. In his Oscar winning movie “the Cove” photojournalist...


We're crazy excited about this one!

Listen now to the first 60 seconds of Snap Judgment, Superheroes: Origin Stories.

Get ready, we'll have the whole episode right here, later this weekend!



How did I get my inimitable Feng Shui?


Overcome by anger, a man is left to use the most mundane -- and ineffectual -- of weapons.


As often as they can, The John Brothers load an upright piano into their City Car Share pickup, drive to BART stops in Oakland and just start playing. They attract musicians, homeless people, businesspeople...some of whom were willing to tell...


I originally wrote this story in 2002, shortly after Election Day.  I was woken by my local NPR radio host’s voice declaring a landslide victory for the Republicans and a trouncing of the Democrats.  Unable to go back to sleep and...