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 A women's telling of a day in her life set to ambience and music. While working in Nicaragua a friend is seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, leading to an evening in the local hospital and an encounter with the friend's family.





By Laura Toffenetti 



As a kid, I always thought carrot cake defied the very notion of cakedom. First, it was made with carrots, definitely not nestled near the top of the food pyramid with chocolate and brown sugar and frosting and everything else that gets filed...



“Never buy a bridge while you’re in Brooklyn”

(From the song: “Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy” by The Brides of Funkenstein)...


He walked in

Sat down, head down

Back row bump on MY log

Silently defying me


 A short story about my romance with a young German actress back in 1986, based on my journal entries and her letters.  Thanks to Noel Dinneen and Emilie Blythe McDonald for providing voices for the young me and the young Heidi.




Privilege Of Distance

by Jason Sobelman

When did conversations stop at the front door?

Mother's darting eyes...


As Hurricane Katrina approached the Gulf Coast in 2005, I felt an overwhelming pull to this event. I had a deep and abiding understanding that it would change lives forever, including mine.  Being removed in every way from this...


I recorded a disc  from my Ground hog and BB gun story.

My computer and connections weak.

I have a clean disc, I can send.

Audio stories Rule!!!!!!!!

Ben N




The Awful Grace of God
By Sheri Bailey


“Tony’s dead.”

I understood Del's words, but couldn’t quite comprehend their meaning. He looked at me with a look that said, Please don’t make me say it again.

“What?” I...


                Shopping in France has undergone quite a transformation over the past 15 years. These days, French shopping malls are very much like American  ones,...