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Awkward rites of passage... sharks circle in the high-school hallways


By the time I was 8, I had a rudimentary understanding of sex. I had three siblings and basically understood how they'd come to be. My grandmother was a nurse, after all, and didn't tend toward sugar-coating, so my questions had been answered...


Alot of bad-ness explodes into a simple decision to pay attention


So, when I was 17 my friend DJ and I were walking home from school. We were walking down a street we went down every day when DJ saw a traffic cone just sitting there on the sidewalk. Being the rebellious, irresponsible young man he was he...


John talks about meeting an octopus in the cold waters of the Puget Sound.




I tend to look for meaning in things. I look for recurring patterns on fake marble flooring and printed fabric, I find a rhythm quickly, and I am often struck by how one person may smell like some unique combination of things. My husband smells...


 Collage.  Second semester.


Jacob’s Dream
by Peter Bebergal


 Telephone Mamas: 

Separating Families to Serve Our Own



A man stumbles, slightly drunk, out of the Golden Cicada and walks ahead of me down Grand Street. Across the street a cardboard tube of Pringles is dropped out of the driver’s window of a car stopped at the light. Narrowly missing...


An eight year-old boy confronts God, in the Brides Room of the synogogue.



Admittedly this is somewhat long, but, the folks who shared this adventure with me think it works better this way. 



The story of a cat with an odd solution to a serious problem.


 In the blink of an eye, my life changed forever...

An endurance cyclist, I was about to have a date with destiny.

Nothing in life can prepare you for something so unexpected, so violent...