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The following are a few excerpts from a book I had the pleasure of editing.  The book is titled The Last One:  An Orphaned Child Fights to Survive the Killing Fields of Cambodia authored by Marin Yann who has given...

Less than a month after my boyfriend and I moved to Northbrook, IL, our Yellow Labrador, Maggie, was hit by a car while I was walking her.

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Eylül 8, 2013

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. Eğitim-Bir-Sen Genel Başkan Vekili Mehmet Özer, hiç kimsenin, üniversiteleri ideolojisinin ‘kurtarılmış bölgesi’ gibi...

This is not a story. I'm using this forum because your website lacks any contact information. Where can one send comments either via email or snail mail?

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chevachiCan't justify any slow cooker meal without having thinking about the...

  In 1987, I was the ripe old age of 19, and I was living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My greatest ambitions back...

Another submission for LA show: The night I gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a jaguar. Run time 5:20. Rough and read not performed. New and this is all I have time for. Craig

They are testing me like when the dinosaurs did it to the electric fences in Jurassic park 1.  I have them contained.  They are in my zoo, poof.  

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Life don't come with a blue print beside your Blue Ivey or North West.  Those wonderful daugthers 3 out 4 went through the struggle called "Life" growing up.  Decisions are made off amount of money in your bank account.

Holistic guidance has its master end to ease lifespan , to debar problems and to keep a state of freedom and happiness . Therefore all scenes of a spiritual lifetime need to be considered.

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