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A tale about demystifying the word "gay" in the second grade and my desperate longing to be a homosexual as a young person. Lucky for me, it all worked out in the end.


 A Chicago Moth GrandSLAM winner tells a revealing true story dealing with vices and weakness. 


so i got to talking with my good friend, an elder who i think is oh so wise.
and she brooke it down for me, the difference between love and, well, love.


As often as they can, The John Brothers load an upright piano into their City Car Share pickup, drive to BART stops in Oakland and just start playing. They attract musicians, homeless people, businesspeople...some of whom were willing to tell...


Tony's brother Chris is an equally amazing storyteller...listen to his adventures in Alaska with the most terrifying animal alive...the MOOSE.


dysfunctional family with smiling faces

i walked away at 18

lived though 5 years in the fetal position

no internal injuries but my soul was bruised

my battle scars hidden with a melancholy smile

married a man...


 Lee lives in Santa Clara, California. He sees things. Ghosts. They come to him and knock late every night.

From ten thousand miles away, a Chinese seer watches. He knows that if Lee doesn't get help, he'll be in big trouble. My dad...


 She had asked for a Rice Crispy Treat. 


Dammit. My heart leapt into my throat. The tag on the tray said Marshmallow Bar. Can’t she read?



A massive, citywide pillow fight! On Valentine's, no less! I thought, how adorable, how twee, how sweet. How wrong I was. A story about heartbreak and helmets. Pardon the fact that this was...


Craig, a former minor league baseball player turned software executive had it with the software business.  So, naturally, he bought 5 pregnant asian water buffalo, rented 6 acres on a nothern California goat ranch and set out to make Italian...


Every time I've told this story, it's been spun for one of three reasons (occasionally, it's an amalgam of all these reasons). But, the common denominator in each case is, at the end of the day, this story gets a laugh... right after a shudder....



I made my mom an unwed teen mother. Back in the '70's, teen pregnancy wasn't exactly common in her town, but it seems there also wasn't the stigma attached that may have existed just a decade before. I doubt she found many...


Beautiful bride, supportive parents.  I had one of those.  Told live at Storytelling at the Perch in Brooklyn.  Enjoy, despite the quality of the audio.  



In big, beautiful, sweeping strokes, she drew her name in curvaceous, curlicue calligraphy across the black board with a stump of white chalk. She turned and smiled, slowly surveying the faces of the 20...