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 This is a story  about my first day of class as a nerdy student (from another country) in the USA. 


 Just another tale of a nerdy student (from another country) and his inability to come up with a favorite song. 


 Just another tale of a nerdy student (from another country) and his battle with the bus bully. 


  The New Slang

“Where you from Dawg?” Funny. Somehow I was the one with the strange accent. “Im from New Yawk” I said. I don’t know why I lied. It just swam from my mouth. I wasn’t ashamed...


 There are many...


There was a war on – World War II. Hadn't you heard?People weren't supposed to be driving all over the place. That's when my father drove my mother and I from Boston to Los Angeles in 1943. Because, he said, he had to... because, really,...


Listen now to a little taste of Snap Judgment's "The Man."  Full episode available right here, very soon . .  .


When I was in second grade, my best friend was an exchange student from Japan named Katsuya.




There’s an old Yiddish expression.  A “Schlamiel” is the kind of moron who spills his hot borscht soup in someone’s lap.  A “Schlamazzle” is the fool who gets that hot borscht...


Below  is a short explanation of what brought me to carry, on foot a five pound rock from Canada to Mexico
in 2007.  It is a story of beast of burden, romance in the stone, sacrifice, and yielding a great...


Names On A Wall

Rin Steketee