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Names On A Wall

Rin Steketee

The recent podcast, Snap Judgment #202: Abducted,  prompted me to write this essay about my experience of being adopted.
Adoption is perfectly legal, so why-or how-could it be compared to the experience of being abducted?

It was 1969 inOttawa, Canada. Both my parents were Jewish, but they
raised us Catholic. Yeah, but they weren’t very convincing -

The Groundhog & BBgun

 On a damp rainy evening of Octombre 16th 1984 Reginald Nib found himself smothered under an avalanche of condolatory letters, each briefly but passionately touching upon the subject of his untimely death.

 The story I am about to relate has no basis in truth. It is an entirely made up tale. No one in this saga lives on earth. I am quite literally pulling this story out of my ass. Any similarity to people living or dead is purely coincidental...

    The receptionist at the architectural firm on Page Street with the three story glass windows and doors told me the Fed Ex package would be ready in 10 minutes.  I sighed,

     "Is it East Coast?...

 Becky Wahlstrom - Write Club


 A story of a time when we were young and kinda stupid. Probably still are. Basically my first arrest (probably milder than others)

I met Jeremy in October of 2007.  How we met, where we met, and when we met was totally random happenstance. If any of the conditions or timing had been any different, we would have never found one another. After the first night of...