His Brother's Instructions

in the early morning on a sunny, a young hispanic boy makes his way to school. he passes his tagged fences, dogs barking in his neighborhood and passing cars with radio blasting loud music. he comes across his school and no one greets him, no one says hi to him, waves to him, taps him, or even looks at him. hes invisible to the world. he suddenly gets pushed into the lockers by a bigger boy. hes a white boy smirking the little boy,, the latino boy looks around for help but he doesnt see any. the girls are distracted by their own conversation and the guys are doing the own thing. when they see the boy being pushed around and getting punched and kicked they start laughing. no one comes to offer aid, no one comes to defend him, no one comes to stop the abuse. the bell rings and the bully keeps going, his friend points out that they can mess with the hispanic boy later. everyone then disappears and hes left alone in the hallway. he walks into the bathroom and cries, looking at the mirror, staring at the reflection that everyone despises. he goes later that day, walks past his major surroundings and puts himself to sleep. his older brother comes home and sees his little brother sad and frustrated about everything. he goes over to him, lifts his chin up and wipes a tear off his cheek, he asks his little brother why he frowns, and he tells him. the older brother goes to his room and comes back to hand his brother a gun, he looks up to his brother in assurance, the older then tells him wat to do when he encounters the bully next time. the next day, the little boys walks to school on a now gloomy day, hes excited and nervous at once, he imagines how its all going to go down, he wants to feel the intensity, he cant help feeling hes doing the right thing. but the whole day he doesnt see the bully, he goes to the bathroom and starts to doubt hes doing the right thing. he looks in the mirror, is this him anymore ? he goes home feeling hopeless he couldnt do it. as he walks it begins to rain, the rain jst bounces off his head and puts up his hood. as he makes his way home, he sees the bully standing alone at the bus stop. his heart suddenly starts beating, he makes his way to the bully, trying to dodge being sight, but the bully stand upright staring straight. the little boy begins to sweat, he swallows hard and starts running at high speed towards the bully, he advances on him, the rain pours harder, he hood slides off, he grabs the gun from behind his waist and at 3 feet away he points straight at the bully. the bully slowly turns to him but doesnt budge, 5 seconds turn to 30 turns 60, the little boy has his hand on the trigger, slightly trembling, the bully pours out a single tear that gets mixed in with the rain. the boys are filled with fury, but after seeing his tear he slowly lowers the gun. he takes one last look at him and turns around to walk away. the bully continues to stare and he sees the boy walk away. the little boy then tossed the gun in the trash can next to him and walks homing knowing he listened to his brother's instructions.