History of Nirvana - Dates in History

 ´╗┐January 31, 1967 Chad Channing born

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February 20, 1967 Kurt Donald Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington

 January 14, 1969 born David Eric Grohl

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1975 Kurt's parents split up. That leaves the singer injured, making it a timid child and very unhappy. He goes to live with me.


1978 Kurt's father remarries


1979 The family of Krist moves to Aberdeen




June 1980 sent to Krist Crocia where it gets a year living with relatives.


February 20, 1981 Kurt gets his first guitar (its 14 years)


May 1984 The Kurt I was home again.


May 1985 Kurt exits colgio



Autumn of 1985 Kurt Krist knows. Vrias They play together in small bands, including Stiff Woodies


December 1987 Kurt, Krist and drummer Aaron Burckhard riding Nirvana, a band influenced by Punk rock and New Wave in Aberdeen, Washington.


January 23, 1988 Nirvana records a demo with 10 songs with Jack Endino and Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop Shut hire are the single \ "Love Buzz \".


30 October 1988 Kurt smashes his first guitar.


November 1988 Lanam the single \ "Love Buzz \" / \ "Big Cheese \".


1989 They record the album Bleach, which cost six hundred dollars mseros. Alm of Cobain and Novoselic, the disc, which was produced by Jack Endino, brings Chad Channing (drums) and Jason Everman (guitar). Bleach sold thirty thousand prints and emplaca the music \ "Sliver \" in the U.S. charts. They do a little turn on the west coast.


June 1989 officially Lanado disk Bleach.


October 1989 EP Blew Lanado


20 October 1989 Nirvana gets his first turn outside the U.S., this time was EUROPIA in Newcastle England


December 30, 1989 Krist Novoselic and Shelli get married in Tacoma.


1990 After making a respectable career for alternative circuit, Nirvana goes to a major label (Geffen). Dave Grohl took the battery group.


January 1, 1991 Sesso the studio in which only recorded \ "Anerysm \" and \ "Even in his youth \"


Winter 1991 The band signed with DGC (Geffen).


April 17, 1991 Nirvana plays first the classic \ "Smell Like Teen Spirit \"


September 24 de19 91 Sai Nevermind, the album that would undermine the structures of the pop world. It starts in place of the arrest Billboard 144, but soon Nevermind sell eight million of prints, from the front of Michael Jackson, Guns Nroses, U2 and other instituies pop.


October 1991 Nirvana performs in Seattle, one of the most talked about shows of the country. The group gained fame blow their instruments on stage (especially Kurt) and win gold.


November 2, 1991 The turn of EUROPIA lanamento Nevermind gets in Bristol, England.


November 1991 While Nirvana burst in his turn EUROPIA, MTV airs \ "Smell like a teen spirit \" pipe that became an anthem of generation.


December 1991 Nirvana makes a small turn to the American side of Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


January 10, 1992 Nirvana plays first in the MTV studios.


January 11, 1992 The band plays in the program humorstico Saturday Night Live, and on the same day, Nevermind Alcana first place in the charts worldwide.


January 1992 Hormoanig Lanado in Australia and in Japan, a rare and difficult album to be found.


February 24, 92 Cobain married Courtney Love, lead singer of rock band Hole. \ "I am worth six millions of dollars. Will you marry me, bitch? \" Would have been the declarao love the singer. The union viewed with a certain desconfiana, j so that the two addicts card.


June 1992 Nirvana travels through Europe.


Born August 18, 92 Frances Bean Cobain, singer and son of Courtney Love. Kurt processes ingls that publishes a newspaper article that says that the girl was born addicted to Herona.


July 21, 1992 Lanado with the single \ "Lithium \" along with a booklet that three letters of Nevermind.


September 1992 The band plays \ "Lithium \" at the MTV music awards and even two prizes invoice.


December 15, 1992 lanada the coletnea Incesticide with rare tracks, and covers some things the group's career.


January 1993 is presented in Nirvana Hollywood Rock, in Brazil. During the presentations in Rio VIEW CAMERA Cobain spit in the Globe (which broadcast the festival) and simulates a masturbao onstage. Nirvana still surprises with unexpected covers of \ "we will rock you \" (Queen) \ "Rio \" (Duran Duran) and \ "Kids America \" (Kim Wilde).


April 9, 1993 Nirvana plays a concert in San Francisco's Cow Palace to raise awareness and generate funds for survivors of rape Bsnia.


May 1993 The vdeo \ "Sliver \" gets to play on MTV.


August 1993 During a discussion, fills Cobain Courtney Love blows. Courtney will policeman who finds several weapons in the couple's home. The complaint withdrawn.


September 14, 1993 Nirvana wins the prize for best vdeo alternative at the MTV Video Awards. Nirvana In Utero lana, a record produced by Steven Albini confuses and marked by the group and producer. Albini would have said that softened the sound of Nirvana In Utero to look more commercial. The prprio Cobain change the name of the disc was called last hour I hate myself and I wanna die (\ "I hate myself and I want to die \").


September 19, 1993 vdeo of the Estrie \ "Heart Shaped Box \" who would later win the prize for best art vdeo by MTV.


November 13, 1993 The group records the show for MTV Unplugged at Sony studios in New York. Cris and Curt Kirkwood of Meat Puppets play on three songs from Meat Puppets.


December 31, 1993 Nirvana Special emphasis on the MTV New Year.


January 7, 1994 Nirvana plays the Seattle Arena, which is this show different? Was the last show of the band in the U.S..


February 6, 1994 Nirvana boards in turn a more in Europe.


4 of 94 Maro Cobain goes into a coma after ingesting high doses of sedative Roypinol with champagne. Concerts in turn EUROPIA that Nirvana would only automatically canceled.


April 5, 1994 Died suicdio by Kurt Donald Cobain in the garage of his gentle, with a high dose of Herona. S this fact was discovered three days later.


April 8, 1994 Kurt found dead at his home in Seattle, USA. Left a note for wife, Courtney Love, explaining the reasons suicdio.


November 1, 1994 Lanado the U.S. album Unplugged in New York, included two tracks that were placed in the album appear on MTV.