Love down the road

I had known Crystal since we were kids. It started out as her being my classmate's kid sister to the beautiful young girl living with a friend. We hadn't seen each other in a long time when I walked into the school to pick up my kids & saw her sitting there. I had been a single dad for 4 years by then. Dating when I could, but mainly focusing on raising my son & daughter. I was sharing a house with my mom in my old hometown mainly because of the special needs classes they offered & my son needs. I walked in & just before my kids saw me I heard a familiar voice say "Hey Scott!" I looked to my left & there was Crystal. She was picking up her son. We had no idea that our kids went to the same school, but there we were. (We would find out later that we had been living on the same street, just 1 block difference.) She looked just as amazing as always. Now I should point out that I wasn't a weekend dad. I had my kids all the time. No weekends off. No days that they were with my ex. Nothing. I was FULL time daddy. So, to say that my attempts at dating had been going rather poor would be putting it nicely.  Over the following weeks Crystal & I  exchanged emails & waves as we were out with our kids. Then, Crystal called me one day. She said that we should take the kids all to a movie. I thought 'Great. Friendzone.' I never thought I stood a chance. Here was this beautiful amazingly talented woman. True she was a single parent too, but she had every other weekend off & an actual social life. I had become someone who knew more about The Wiggles then the local band scene. But time with her was time with her. We took the kids to see Astroboy. I remember we had all three kids between us. I kept looking over at her so much I don't remember much about the movie. After the movie she dropped us off & I got my kids to bed. I sat down at the computer to check my on-line dating page. (Not going too well) When I get a message from Crystal. She said that they had had fun & hoped we had too. I said we did. Then she says 'I only wish I had given you a kiss goodnight.' I remember pausing. I was shocked. Really?! 'Yeah' she said. I looked at my mom & said I would be right back. I grabbed my coat & ran out the door. I didn't even take my car. I just sprinted down to her apartment building & up the stairs. I knocked on her door & she was amazed. And, well, we kissed. That was October 23rd. I remember because that is Astroboy's release date. By Christmas we were engaged. By April we bought a house. And by August we were married. It's been a few years now, but I still get chills when I think of it. What if I hadn't done it? What if I had down-played the comment to whim? That split second decision was the best of my life. It changed my life. It made us a family.