Lovestruck in Bangkok

 "The club is now closing "  I heard the watresses say almost in chorus over the loud music in this Thai favorite disco..It was Bangkok ,Nana  Soi 11        .... 2 am and a club of mostly thai party fans  looking for action ......  The  crowd poured onto the street by the hundreds .  It was packed with revelers,Taxis ,scooters  tables  and bars of curbside diners  and drinkers as  can only in Bangkok. The flock continued the after hours hoot in an  attempt to extend the action even later  in more intimate detail. 

Where  you goin??? I heard from this fine young lady standing on the other side of the street.

"Home ...........want to go "  ,I said ...

"maybe ",she said  walking toward me .

The next thing I knew was this gorgous babe was standing next to me on the street chatting  up this old California boy.

"where you from"    she said in a very warm Thai friendly voice.

Before I could answer ,a scutter boy was at her blind side snatching her purse and triving off through the crown.....

"Hey......stop "    ......she yelled as I noticed the action and ran  off after the thief...  

He got away