move in day

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to attend college. Not having many family members who attended college and my mother’s words of wisdom was extra motivation to accomplish that goal. Around this exact time last year, I received my acceptance letter to Ball State. After I received that information, the rest of the school year seemed to fly by. The summer before this school year, also went by extremely quick. The whole week before August 19th consisted of the same schedule each and every day. Wake-up, pack, and then go out for the night. Finally, August 19th arrived, and it was time to start a new chapter in my life.


 As I pulled into my neighborhood in the early hours of the morning, my head was instantly filled with thoughts. Usually I try not to think in depth and let things come as they are, but this time I let the thoughts rush in. Thoughts like “Will I make it? Am I going to follow in the footsteps of my brother and flunk out? Will I be as successful as my uncle? Am I going to become an alcoholic?” As I pulled into the driveway, those thoughts came to an end as I walked in and gave my mother a kiss goodnight and we exchanged the nightly “I love you.”

Since it was summer, my brother was home. We talked all through the morning about what to expect and the things that caused his down fall. After the words of wisdom, he decided to give me a small preview of what activities I most likely would participate in for the legendary “welcome week.” We made a short trip around the corner to a liquor store, where he bought a fifth of the finest cognac I have ever had, Hennessey. We sipped on that through the morning continuing our talks about the next four years of my life. Before we knew it, we were both plastered, stuck to the couch staring at an empty bottle of liquor. Thinking it was time to get a little rest before the big day; my brother surprised me again with everybody’s favorite plant. Not knowing my brother participated in that illegal act, I was shocked, but turning him and the plant down was a no. It was dark and quiet outside as we slowly inhaled and exhaled. Telling me more stories of his college days made me think, college was going to be a crazy experience. After our minds were freed and our livers had had enough, we called it a night.

            Waking up later on that morning, I had a slight headache, but I knew that was coming. After a long hot shower and my last home cooked meal, it was time to leave for Muncie. After a sincere prayer from my aunt, a kiss goodbye to my mom and grandmother, my aunt, brother, and I were on 69-north headed to Muncie. Still feeling the effects from the early morning preview, I rested my head on the window and completely dosed off.  I woke up as soon as we pulled of McGalliard to Tillotson. All I saw was bumper to bumper traffic and young ambitious faces like mine. Half hungover still, I showed no emotion and put my head back on the window. More of the same thoughts rushed back in my head as we pulled up to Lafollette. After receiving my room number and key, it was time to unload the car and move into my new home for a year.

The terrible heat of Lafollette hit me as I stepped out onto the 2nd floor; luckily my roommate has asthma, which allowed us to get an air conditioning in our room. My roommate and I got to the room simultaneously. Boxes, duffle bags, suitcases were everywhere. Trying to get our family members back on the road, we insisted we needed no help with unpacking. After some kisses goodbye, hugs, and an “I’ll miss you,” we were officially on our own. Once the coast was clear, and the music was cranked,  to my surprise, Matt, my roommate, pulled out a bottle of vodka. I never was the person to drink two days in a row, but I couldn’t refuse. Being safe, I closed and locked the door as we started knocking back shots. Not being much of a drinker, I was surprised that no chaser was needed. After about 20 minutes of destroying my liver, somebody knocked at the door. After popping in some gum and hiding the evidence, I peeped through the peep hole and saw it was one our friends and his girlfriend from high school who also attend Ball State. He could automatically tell what we had been up to. Laughing and cracking jokes, for a while, he offered us to ride with them and some more of everybody’s favorite plant. Looking at the floor cluttered with luggage and the empty room, we accepted the offer and departed Lafollette.

            Cruising around Muncie feeling on top of the world, literally, I thought to myself “is this college?” After cruising around Muncie for a while, we stopped in University Apartments to check out one of friend’s new place. His roommates and he had been participating in the same activities as us and probably many other people in Muncie at the time. After a couple games of Madden, and more drinking it was time to go back to campus and finally unpack. On the short drive back to campus, I noticed it was only six o’clock, and my body was already shutting down. Once we got back to Lafollette, I stopped off in the bathroom while Matt went to the room. Matt was used to this type of alcoholic punishment, so I just knew he was going to pull the rest of the vodka out from hiding and want to finish it. As I finished my business in the bathroom, I came to the room and to my surprise I found Matt sleeping. I was relieved. Unlike Matt, I had enough energy in me to at least put sheets on the mattress. After slightly making up my bed, I slowly fell asleep.

            I woke up to Matt continuing the punishment to his liver. Feeling sick and worn out, I turned down his offer to continue. It was 11:00 at night and move-in day was almost over, but the luggage and everything else in the middle of the room had yet to be unpacked. I mustered up enough energy to unpack my belongings, and fill up my closet and drawers. By this time, everybody in my hall had just started their nights. They looked and sounded exactly how I did five and a half hours earlier. We received numerous invites to join the festivities. Not wanting to disappoint, we accepted and left the half done room again.

            After meeting all the fellow hall members, Matt and I stumbled over to stu west to check out more friends’ dorms. Meeting people on the way, we brought a mini parade to stu west. That was not a good idea. Too many people intoxicated people in a small room, was bound to cause some trouble. Of course the trouble came. Who knew such a small accidental nudge would cause me to get so angry. After some threats, the situation simmered down. On the walk back to Lafollette, I laughed everything off and forgot about the whole thing.

            It was finally time for more much needed sleep. We set up the TV and turned to “sports center.” After catching up in the sports world and watching the top ten plays, I turned off the TV, kicked my feet up and began to think about the day as a whole. I could not help but laugh and think to myself “that was only day one.”