My Urban Experience

Hello. My name is Micheaux Fortson. I go by the trade name UrbanVoodoo. I am a Spoken Word Artist from Inglewood California by way of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have been writing for most of my life although in my early years I was often in some sort of trouble. It was not until I became an adult that I began to clearly see my path as a writer. I am a student leader at Long Beach City College. I founded an organization called Young Poet Society (YPS) while presiding as Cultural Affairs Chairman at my campus. It would be a great embellishment on my part to pretend that I was any sort of scholar in those days because I was far from that. I came from a shady background that included gang life and struggle, and then finally prison.


Through the medium of Poetry I attempt to bridge the gaps that has lost so many of our young people to street life and violence. Along with the AIM program YPS has been a vehicle to reach highschoolers and elementary kids alike here in long beach.

I have toured states like Chicago and I have also been a regular personality on Blogtalk Radio as well as KLBC.ORG where I host a weekly Spoken Word show called Speak YO Peace Radio. I would definitely love this opportunity to help elevate poetry for the masses.  

 I consider myself to be an advocate for the young voiceless students that are affected daily by decisions made supposedly on their behalf. My mission is to be a voice to the voiceless by encouraing free expression and creativity. Life has been promising for me and I look for each and every opportunity to make a difference.