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robben123's picture

by robben123
Apr 07, 2014

what the story line what


Hharriganowens@gmail.com's picture

by Hharriganowens@...
Apr 03, 2014

When I was 14, I thought it would be a great idea to go white water rafting with my best friend. We had never gone, we had a small yellow inflatable raft. What could go wrong? 


vettechdave's picture

by vettechdave
Apr 01, 2014

I grew up with a tyrant for an older sister.  Her view was that life was hard and she needed to toughen me up if I was going to make it.  Her motto was, "If you can't take it from me, you won't be able to take it from...


Marilyn Byrd's picture

by Marilyn Byrd
Apr 01, 2014

I know that you are asking yourselves, "How do dead people go dancing?" Well, let me tell you the story about the day I shall always remember...My mom passed away February 25, 2014 from the debilitating disease called...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Mar 29, 2014

Chapter 33
The critic doesn't get to rush a chapter.  The critic is a greedy reader that isn't going to get their wants satisfied when they want.  The critic needs to shut the fuck up.  I have work to do and a gentle...


Mandizzle's picture

by Mandizzle
Mar 28, 2014

She looked right at me with one eyebrow cocked and sniffed, "you've lost weight." What a bitch. In the real world most people would think of this as a compliment, MOST people would smile and say thank you...it...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Mar 27, 2014

Chapter 33
Its my weekend.  My voyeuring neighbors have picked up the harassment.  They have new fuel.  The whole point of me not associating with people is to not give my voyeurs fuel for harassment.   Another day of...


djuan76's picture

by djuan76
Mar 27, 2014

I was asked not too long ago why I cringe when I hear “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones.  


Spring break of ‘83 (I was seven), went to visit my Dad during Spring Break.  A rare occassion.  In...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Mar 26, 2014

My door slammed on me.  Its late at night.  Housing came into my room while I was at work to change the doors.  They fixed the hinges so now the door shuts on its own.  This is extremely dangerous.  I live next to the BFG...


leeo2014's picture

by leeo2014
Mar 24, 2014

Around the time my 4th grade year started, it seemed like I had all the promise in the world. I was intelligent and took advanced classes, never made below an A, I was athletic and played basketball, baseball, and tennis, I even sang in the...


amandaroser's picture

by amandaroser
Mar 24, 2014

I had this freind named megan toohey. she tried to turn me against my best friend, and even though my birthday is approaching she didn't care and tried to control my life.She called me horrible names such as  a bad friend and  every...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Mar 24, 2014

Chapter 31


Hogai Gakushi's picture

by Hogai Gakushi
Mar 24, 2014

Being a new second generation Japanese American is not easy. On one side, the Japanese scruitnize you for not being like them or your body language is "not the same" as them. On the other hand, I lived in a world where I could not...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Mar 23, 2014

Chapter 30


Robin.Schulte's picture

by Robin.Schulte
Mar 22, 2014

The audio link below details an experience I had as a mother raising a very independant daughter.