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carolramsey@gmail.com's picture

by carolramsey@gma...
Dec 08, 2013

I married my husband, and my step-daughter, in 2003, when she was six years old. I read vows to her that day, before our family and friends. I promised to love her and be there for her and treat her as if she were my own. I never wanted her to...


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qwalters's picture

by qwalters
Dec 01, 2013

A few weeks ago, I went to a park where a lot of homeless people congregate. It was there that I met Evelyn Adams. A few months ago, her and her husband hitchhiked from Kentucky to Florida, because her husband was promised a job. There was no job...


PeerLanning's picture

by PeerLanning
Nov 27, 2013



Peter Lanning from blog info France


TrevorPogue's picture

by TrevorPogue
Nov 26, 2013



queerdarkenergy's picture

by queerdarkenergy
Nov 26, 2013

I tell people about cornfields 

when they ask about Missouri.

I like to give people what they want.

I give them what they expect:

corn stalks, breaking sky.


But in Missouri corn stopped...


jeffmcm's picture

by jeffmcm
Nov 23, 2013

They, my parents, are living in the Memorial district in Houston. Memorial because Texans name streets after big memorable things. The names of which they misremember, if they ever knew them at all, and then they (the Texans) mispronounce what...


Main problem while borrowing money for a person is his credit history and if it is not good then it is very hard for him to get a credit in the UK. But that was not right at all because now you can avail a fiscal aid without going under the...


clairebradley's picture

by clairebradley
Nov 19, 2013

I went to private, christian school for the first 7 grades. My father, who was a public education executive, was required by the board of education to move me to public school. I was moved from a school populated with the children of well to do...


Eczuleger's picture

by Eczuleger
Nov 18, 2013

I believe in ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and demonic possession. Because it's just so much more fun that way. I entertain a healthy belief in the supernatural because the alternative is distressingly boring. A face value world is a...


Trailerparkfrench's picture

by Trailerparkfrench
Nov 17, 2013

In December of 1975 my father and mother sat in a hospital room holding, loving and examining their newborn baby—me. My mother named me Angela Joe because it reminded her of a song she liked, “Angie, Baby.” When the nurse at the...


Eczuleger's picture

by Eczuleger
Nov 15, 2013



Eczuleger's picture

by Eczuleger
Nov 14, 2013

  I want to tell you a story about burns. The Communists burned the books first. Anything that offended the tastes of the party was burned. Books were the worst because they spread ideas like diseases. They burned them. The intellectuals,...


It is December 1946, early afternoon on the day before Christmas. I am a prisoner of war in a labor camp in Russia. It is the second Christmas away from home. A few other German prisoners and I are outside to decorate a giant spruce tree in our...


I was 23 and on an adventure to find myself traveling around New Zealand solo. It was when I was checking out a community bulletin board when I saw a small cat scratch sign that said "crew wanted". I called the number and talked to an...