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In seltenen Fällen wurde ein ehemaliger Iowa State University Wissenschaftler von einem föderalen Rechtsanwalt im vergangenen Sommer für die Ergebnisse seiner AIDS-Impfstoff-Forschung ein...


Margaret A. Keeley
TEL: 202-434-5137
FAX: 202-434-5029

Williams & Connolly...


vijayets101's picture

by vijayets101
Jan 30, 2015

The search for better opportunity and better career prospective can even lead you to pursue your career overseas. Sometimes willingly and sometimes unwillingly overseas moves are encountered by the people. Moving overseas similar to moving in...


Elliott and Associates (Europe Tokyo Paris Asia) Att Hålla Denna Resolution - Fem Finansiella Tips för en Lyckad 2015.


There's something undeniably appealing about the idea of living an expatriate adventure in ...

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by cjross
Jan 25, 2015

One day my son asked me how I got the c-shaped scar on the palm of my right hand. The question made me smile as I answered my son.  I said, “I didn't get that scar, I earned it when I was twelve years old working construction with...


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by tomcerb
Jan 25, 2015


By Tom C. Erb

In 1960, at the age of 6, I went to the World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series that year against the New York Yankees, led by Bill Mazeroski who became the first player to hit...


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by tomcerb
Jan 25, 2015

“In My Life”

by Tom C. Erb

I was 10 years old the day that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show
- Sunday February 9, 1964. This was the first televised live performance of
The Beatles in United States....


marklamb's picture

by marklamb
Jan 25, 2015

"A Boy and His Dolly" is about  how as a young gay boy growing up in rural Kentucky Dolly Parton became my spiritual guide. 

This story began as an evening length show with live music that I produced in NYC and was...


En av de første valgene skattytere vil gjøre i januar er hvordan de planlegger å sende sin skatt. Hvis planlegger å bruke tjenestene til en betalt profesjonell skatt, har...


Many experts have discovered that we now have several shifting organizations which often impose those with the excess income with regard to changing your physical objects. Therefore, you should know coming from this sort of companies while most...


Aside from the changing involving things, there are lots of businesses which provide your launching, unloading, the labels together with rearrangement features on a reasonable value. Therefore, go with a organization which offers men and women...


It's been observed there are several going organizations which usually fee those that have the excess amount of cash regarding switching the actual things. That's why, you ought to know via this sort of corporations seeing that these...


In addition to the switching involving items, you'll find so many organizations which provide the particular running, unloading, presentation in addition to rearrangement amenities with an inexpensive selling price. Therefore, opt for a...



This article is current for the 2014 tax year and should not be considered tax advice. For tax-related questions or mortgage strategy related to your individual tax...