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BrianConlon's picture

by BrianConlon
Sep 24, 2013

Five very, very short audio stories...including a dog with particular beliefs, a man who knows what no one else seems to know and a coffee shop dilemma.



sayhello's picture

by sayhello
Sep 22, 2013

 Hyper-Track chaussures de ski de fond de l 'TheNorthFace ® avec un berceau conception GuideTM semelle, chaque mouvement du pied tout au long du cycle de la marche permet un contrôle régulier pour s'assurer que la d...


sayhello's picture

by sayhello
Sep 22, 2013

si l'on veut arrêter et avoir un million d'excuses, si l'on veut insister sur une seule raison - car l'exécution fait partie de la vie nike tn requin . C'est le Nord Face100...


sayhello's picture

by sayhello
Sep 22, 2013

son insistance sur un des éléments simples, clairs et gras comme les graffitis à la mode. Le chef de file de la Reebok Reebok, Stash liaison 11 autres villes de graffeurs du monde entier ainsi que sur ce «contrat inter-...


matthewdicks's picture

by matthewdicks
Sep 21, 2013

This is a story told for a Moth StorySLAM at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe in July of 2011. It was the winning story of the night. It tells of my journey from marginal high school sprinter to marginal high school pole vaulter and the selfishness...


matthewdicks's picture

by matthewdicks
Sep 21, 2013

This is a story told at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY in 2012 for a Moth StorySLAM. This was the winning story of the night. It tells of a time when my best friend and I stole a table of shoes from an store's outdoor...


vmccraw's picture

by vmccraw
Sep 21, 2013

In memory of my Grandma Addie.

We learn things every day. We learn...


A story told at the 92nd Street Y in New York City for The Story Collider. It's the story of the pranks I played on my aged high school science teacher in order to impress a girl. The girl never noticed me, but the teacher was one step...


MP3 of the story, told live at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT in September of 2013. It deals with the way that the offhanded recitation of a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail unexpectedly reached a student who was...


The following are a few excerpts from a book I had the pleasure of editing.  The book is titled The Last One:  An Orphaned Child Fights to Survive the Killing Fields of Cambodia authored by Marin Yann who has given...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Sep 08, 2013

keys made of poo
tap the glass all you want, theres no glass behind me.


While the Los Angeles area is defined as being fiercly car-centric, some of us Angelenos take pride in the fact that we bike to get places. 

Usually, we get along with each other because we bicyclists are a bit of a minority.  We...


Hi, I'm a program officer at Kalliopeia Foundation.  We fund a variety of different nonprofit programs, including a handful of programs in prisons.  Since I also happen to be a huge fan of the show (thank God for J Dilla on NPR!!),...


Jared Lucas Nathanson's picture

by Jared Lucas Nat...
Aug 19, 2013

For the past twenty years my father has been writing a book about his life. He started writing it on our commodore...


Fern Ronay's picture

by Fern Ronay
Aug 17, 2013

December 20, 2008; Irving, Texas; Last game ever at Texas Stadium

Blame it on the babysitter.  That's what I say.  He's the reason H and I are driving around in endless circles outside Texas Stadium...