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mwalker54's picture

by mwalker54
May 10, 2013

July 28, 2011. I’m driving down the New Jersey Turnpike headed to play practice.  The past few weeks I have started writing a play about my father and his mysterious death.  He passed away in February while I was in the hospital...


Pogel's picture

by Pogel
May 10, 2013

I can't see where to add my comments about this story, but I want to share my experience as it moved me immensely.

I am not a very emotional person.  I listen to Snap Judgement while working on my vintage VWs. When I come back...


indiraie60's picture

by indiraie60
May 10, 2013

I even now create desires whenever I blow out the candles. Click here/ for more detail


aesnyder's picture

by aesnyder
May 08, 2013

A story about relocating and the loneliness that follows, the joy of dancing, and the importance of finding connection and community with others.

By Amanda E. Snyder



I can’t even count the number of times when strangers asked if Lin and I were adopted. It wasn’t just the sight of a white woman out walking with two black children that triggered the question.  It was when one of us called her...


hiram's picture

by hiram
May 05, 2013

As a kid growing up in the hood, I got into my share of trouble along with other kids in the neighborhood.  I know it sounds cliche but a lot of them did actually end up either dead or in jail.

Lucky for me I had a...


johnhcoons's picture

by johnhcoons
May 04, 2013

It has been almost 8 years since I was last incercerated and I but myself in court for a traffic infraction. I don't feel too badly because I was actually a totally legal driver including a valid drivers lisence, registration as well as...


edrflynn's picture

by edrflynn
May 03, 2013

Here's a story from my wife about her connection with her mother and the passion they shared about makeup.

I recorded a spoken word piece of it and posted it up on soundcloud.



tonylu's picture

by tonylu
May 03, 2013

The Shadow

A man is tormented by a disembodied shadow.




kirbykastin's picture

by kirbykastin
May 02, 2013

I have only dated one black man. It was while studying abroad in Mali and I was 21. Since the family structure is so tight and crucial to the individual’s economy, one lived at home until they were married and moved into their family's...


amandaeloesh's picture

by amandaeloesh
May 01, 2013


My first-hand peek into the Satanic New Year.

First I think it's important to tell you a little bit about me. I'm a fairly woo-woo sort of gal just recently transplanted from the homogenous Marin county to the grand...


leomoran's picture

by leomoran
Apr 30, 2013

When I was 2 years old, the Cuban Revolution was in full swing. My dad was a lawyer. Defending Fidel Castro and his rebels in court, he  won a famous victory.


bblinley's picture

by bblinley
Apr 30, 2013

We stared at the ultrasound screen. Please move, please, Oscar, move, I silently begged. The doctor looked at us, “I’m sorry.”  I threw up.  The following morning I gave birth to our son.  He was beautiful, he was...


aesnyder's picture

by aesnyder
Apr 27, 2013

A story about relocating and the loneliness that follows, the joy of dancing, and the importance of finding connection and community with others.

By Amanda E. Snyder



larnsturt's picture

by larnsturt
Apr 27, 2013



My roommate Cari and I live in Los Angeles, working in the art department on independent films. That usually means a no budget, fly by the seat of your pants, get it done however you can attitude.