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plutonoodle's picture

by plutonoodle
Mar 14, 2013

Dear Snapjudgers,


Christianna's picture

by Christianna
Mar 13, 2013

My mother and father met at a club in Puerto Rico called Peggy Sue. My mother, Gloria, was twenty-nine, my father had just turned thirty. Gloria was staying with her father in San Juan. Her two aunts accompanied her to the club as chaperones. My...


Jeff Oster's picture

by Jeff Oster
Mar 13, 2013

I'm Jeff Oster, a trumpet flugelhorn artist living in Alameda, CA. Think Miles meets Pink Floyd...

I'm Across the estuary from Oakland...

I'd like to offer you my music...I hear what you use in some of your programs, and...


jkornick's picture

by jkornick
Mar 12, 2013

A non-traditional wedding toast (from the sister) 






gcferme's picture

by gcferme
Mar 11, 2013

This is something that happened to me when I attended my old Chicago inner city public school.

So there was a group of druggie friends I used to hang out with, and almost everyday we would do something that could most likely put...


micahmoon23's picture

by micahmoon23
Mar 10, 2013

Learning how to read is a lot of work.

I was 27 years old and living in Thailand. I was a teacher, an English teacher. I was learning Thai and I knew that the best way to learn is to read, so I was learning how to read again. Learning how...


lear44's picture

by lear44
Mar 10, 2013

This story takes place New Year's Eve, 1998 - 1999. I am looking foreward to tonights New Years Eve activities in Brooklyn New York. For starters NYE is my favorite holiday and always has been. This has been a good year financially, I have...


JacksonPearce's picture

by JacksonPearce
Mar 08, 2013

My senior year of high school, I was hopelessly in love. He was good looking. He was charismatic. He was funny. He had some downsides though, among them the fact that he was gay and likely had some version of borderline personality disorder, but...


andrewterry321's picture

by andrewterry321
Mar 08, 2013

I was freaking out. In my mind the only words that could form were "not again" and "oh shit." I screamed primally, like someone who had just realised they were falling off a building. Smoke formed in front of the windshield. I...


CasandraFlobs's picture

by CasandraFlobs
Mar 08, 2013

We live in the world that may be cold at times. Rushing to and from work every day, most of us don't even notice what is going on around us. We cannot take eyes off our smartphones, sending short texts, browsing some pages on the Internet as...


Robin Meloy Goldsby's picture

by Robin Meloy Goldsby
Mar 08, 2013

Get Nakey

I’ve always been a big fan of the sauna. A good sauna can relax you, clear your head, and make your skin look great. And all of this for a mere fifteen minutes of sweating. Not a bad deal, when you think of it. I would love...


knockoffmysocks's picture

by knockoffmysocks
Mar 07, 2013

I grew up in a religous household and often my days were peppered with my mother or grandmother humming hymns while doing housework.  On Sundays, more often than not, my mother would sing in the choir.  I remember thinking it is the...


kgarnier's picture

by kgarnier
Mar 06, 2013

I have shared the story as a recording uploaded below...

Let me know if you need it in another format thanks KG


Railraen's picture

by Railraen
Mar 06, 2013



miahconnell's picture

by miahconnell
Mar 05, 2013

The little kid, not one of my students, tries to corroborate the bullies’ story, but he is too shaken up to effectively nod.  He does the body language equivalent of stammering for part of a second, and quietly tears well up in his...