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jmasonb's picture

by jmasonb
Mar 21, 2013

Right after high school I joined the Marines and was swiftly whisked away to boot camp and combat training and all the other neccessary military training modules a naive, clueless 18 year old kid is required to endure. I joined prior to the...


I actually haven't gotten this story completely written yet, as it's been commissioned as a serial for our local weekly art/culture magazine, but I just heard your G.I. podcast, and thought that you might find this very different...


Sheri's picture

by Sheri
Mar 19, 2013

My dad used to tell people we were soul mates—a weird thing for a dad to say about his daughter, but he’d explain we shared too many genes. It was like we were the same model, just different years. He understood me like no other, and...


jsickel's picture

by jsickel
Mar 17, 2013

I was a Division I athlete. I played field hockey for a university in the Midwest.

When I was in high school I was all about it. I just knew I was going to go to college and get stronger and become this amazing player and my life would be...


Adam Brabant's picture

by Adam Brabant
Mar 15, 2013

My Grandma had some great stories, she loved telling them, and more loved when people listened.  She came to visit in the fall of 2010 for Thanksgiving.  While she was here one of my mom's students heard her speak and interviewed...


kgarnier's picture

by kgarnier
Mar 15, 2013

Name the diseasse, Kris Garnier probably already had it

 Arm Chair Hyphochondriac, by Kris Garnier, performed live at the Rosendale Theater in Upstate New York with the Too Much Information Project...  2012..listen below....


carinto76's picture

by carinto76
Mar 14, 2013

My family was a migrant family who would travel to different states following the seasons. We were farm laborers, so at times we were in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. We finally just stopped migrating and decided to stay...


plutonoodle's picture

by plutonoodle
Mar 14, 2013

Dear Snapjudgers,


Christianna's picture

by Christianna
Mar 13, 2013

My mother and father met at a club in Puerto Rico called Peggy Sue. My mother, Gloria, was twenty-nine, my father had just turned thirty. Gloria was staying with her father in San Juan. Her two aunts accompanied her to the club as chaperones. My...


Jeff Oster's picture

by Jeff Oster
Mar 13, 2013

I'm Jeff Oster, a trumpet flugelhorn artist living in Alameda, CA. Think Miles meets Pink Floyd...

I'm Across the estuary from Oakland...

I'd like to offer you my music...I hear what you use in some of your programs, and...


jkornick's picture

by jkornick
Mar 12, 2013

A non-traditional wedding toast (from the sister) 






gcferme's picture

by gcferme
Mar 11, 2013

This is something that happened to me when I attended my old Chicago inner city public school.

So there was a group of druggie friends I used to hang out with, and almost everyday we would do something that could most likely put...


micahmoon23's picture

by micahmoon23
Mar 10, 2013

Learning how to read is a lot of work.

I was 27 years old and living in Thailand. I was a teacher, an English teacher. I was learning Thai and I knew that the best way to learn is to read, so I was learning how to read again. Learning how...


lear44's picture

by lear44
Mar 10, 2013

This story takes place New Year's Eve, 1998 - 1999. I am looking foreward to tonights New Years Eve activities in Brooklyn New York. For starters NYE is my favorite holiday and always has been. This has been a good year financially, I have...


JacksonPearce's picture

by JacksonPearce
Mar 08, 2013

My senior year of high school, I was hopelessly in love. He was good looking. He was charismatic. He was funny. He had some downsides though, among them the fact that he was gay and likely had some version of borderline personality disorder, but...