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Nolan Saito's picture

by Nolan Saito
Oct 11, 2013

So, I am the youngest of four kids in my house. We are all two years apart(except for me) and all of us do ballet dancing(exept my 2nd oldest brother quit). So my oldest brother is naturally the most serious about ballet and he went to a...


amaray's picture

by amaray
Oct 06, 2013

I was basically raised in hiding.  My mother was the other woman.  And we did hide, the two of us.  Stayed quiet and watched.  A lot.  As long as I can remember, I watched others, so comfortably relaxed in their...


Brookser4's picture

by Brookser4
Oct 05, 2013

Students find it tough working their way to college. Getting a student loan without a good credit score from a private lender is virtually impossible. Co-signer is essential for students to avail an alternative student loan. Co-signer is a person...


Brookser4's picture

by Brookser4
Oct 05, 2013

Interest only loans, as the name implies would enable borrowers to pay the interest alone. In the case of a standard loan repayment schedule, the borrower would have to pay a monthly repayment amount which would consist of two parts, one is the...


Hello, first of all thanks so much for the great show you guys do. I just want to introduce myself and share briefly things that I have experienced and done. They are like cut pieces of my life where I fell you might be interested for a story, or...


Dylan Brody's picture

by Dylan Brody
Oct 02, 2013

The attached story (audio) was recorded at Beverly Mickens' Story Salon.  I rarely have a musician on hand to score me in real time, so I took advantage of John O'Kennedy and his guitar to create a Snap Judgment piece.  Click...


godwinjab's picture

by godwinjab
Oct 02, 2013

As a kid growing up in Glen Norah, a high-density suburb in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, I didn’t get to see white people often; the only time you saw whites was when you were either fortunate enough to go to the city center, usually...


Wheel Talk, the most progressive fixed gear freestyle crew on the west coast, has teamed up with SPL Pictures to put together one of the juiciest fixed gear freestyle video to date. This piece brings the explosive talents of Wheel Talk founder...


samantharugg's picture

by samantharugg
Sep 28, 2013

Growing up I lived in northern Michigan the middle of the woods. No neighbors for about a mile on each side and my parents own 60 acres of forest then a swamp after that. So basically I lived in the middle of nowhere.


Shuckfinn's picture

by Shuckfinn
Sep 27, 2013

Last fall, the weekend the time changed, I was outside with my fellas on a Sunday morning.  Bad dog owner that I am, I had them off leash.  We live at 8th and Commerce and there is a little strip of green grass, next lot over. ...


zacch's picture

by zacch
Sep 25, 2013

So there I was. Peering out to an endless sea of faceless patrons I gave two shits about 

as pizza and beer slid down their throats. Nobody patiently waits for their server to stop by 

anymore. The universal server wave is...


zacch's picture

by zacch
Sep 25, 2013

(Every line contains a lie)


It hangs from his neck loosely. The stitching is frayed in the center. “Nice tie.”

“Thank you. Hand-woven silk, custom made, and two hundred dollars.

Your resume is...


zacch's picture

by zacch
Sep 25, 2013

“So, come here often?”

She’s unfazed by my mediocrity. Her boyfriend isn’t.

His fist comes swinging across like an eagle swooping towards its prey.

Thanks to Jack, I am unfazed by his audacity. How...


zacch's picture

by zacch
Sep 25, 2013

“I’d love to go!”

Sitting on top of the world, this is my night.

“Perfect! I’ll pick you up at 8 o’clock.”


It’s 8:13 when I get there. Still plenty of time to make...


heyutherekev@yahoo.com's picture

by heyutherekev@ya...
Sep 24, 2013

  Another weekend pasted , another drunk . Got caught pissing behinde a alley late saturday night, by americas finest he was all dressed in blue he had a bright and shinny light, that he made sure to beam directley into my bloodshot eyes. MR...