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markboweavil's picture

by markboweavil
Feb 27, 2015



I wanted to make contact with snap judgement, but could not find an email to address this to. I don't have a story to tell.


cjross's picture

by cjross
Feb 20, 2015

One Sunday our church had a guest minister from Savannah. The man was a young firebrand full of energy. The minister was fit, articulate, and ready to preach. I immediately liked his energetic demeanor and enthusiasm for the spoken word. He had...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Feb 14, 2015

Sergeant Stiffy was my new supervisor when I transferred into the precinct. It was my first day of work and I was carrying my uniforms and gear into the police station. I walked in and saw a tall grey haired lieutenant and a younger sergeant...


jarky96's picture

by jarky96
Feb 13, 2015

I was under the water for...ever. That's what it felt like. Falling into the Snake River was no big deal -- every year my family runs the white water rapids in Jackson Hole, WY and I'd been in the river countless times before this...


Matt McGaughey's picture

by Matt McGaughey
Feb 08, 2015

The Casualty: by Matt McGaughey ©2015




I am the first American to have ever had her rape case heard in a Moroccan court and to have gained a conviction. I work to bring about justice for Gender-based violence (GBV) on the global stage and empowerment for victims...


graceesty's picture

by graceesty
Feb 03, 2015

I met Jamison at open mic night at a cafe, he was reading his poetry and I was there to see a friend perform. When he asked me my name and I told him "Grace" he seemed startled. He told me about a year ealier he'd written a poem about the woman...


Rotary's picture

by Rotary
Feb 03, 2015

The world looks very different when you’re looking at your bathroom’s tiled floor in the early morning hours.

You become hyper-aware. The orange light against the blue shower curtain is overwhelming. You can smell the toilet...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Feb 02, 2015

Chapter 83


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Jan 29, 2015

Chapter 79


cjross's picture

by cjross
Jan 25, 2015

One day my son asked me how I got the c-shaped scar on the palm of my right hand. The question made me smile as I answered my son.  I said, “I didn't get that scar, I earned it when I was twelve years old working construction with...


tomcerb's picture

by tomcerb
Jan 25, 2015


By Tom C. Erb

In 1960, at the age of 6, I went to the World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series that year against the New York Yankees, led by Bill Mazeroski who became the first player to hit...


tomcerb's picture

by tomcerb
Jan 25, 2015

“In My Life”

by Tom C. Erb

I was 10 years old the day that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show
- Sunday February 9, 1964. This was the first televised live performance of
The Beatles in United States....


marklamb's picture

by marklamb
Jan 25, 2015

"A Boy and His Dolly" is about  how as a young gay boy growing up in rural Kentucky Dolly Parton became my spiritual guide. 

This story began as an evening length show with live music that I produced in NYC and was...


JSLong214's picture

by JSLong214
Jan 15, 2015

Why should I take the time to again retell a story to a faceless audience that can not comprehend the depth of it.  A story that should never have happened. A Story that I cried out with tears and shouts and pain (oh, the unbelievable...