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StaceyRitz's picture

by StaceyRitz
Jan 17, 2013

I’m a runner. I run for health and fitness- although I used to run to win the race. I’m a runner now. I run and I run and I run.

But I have a secret …and it’s a big one. I bet you can’t guess what it is.


EricPace's picture

by EricPace
Jan 14, 2013



lyates's picture

by lyates
Jan 14, 2013

Shopping for dish soap at the City Line Target, I pick a bottle of Palmolive marked two for five dollars. My mom puts it back in favor of Dawn. “Brand loyalty,” she says.



Jen Bosworth's picture

by Jen Bosworth
Jan 14, 2013


When I think of my time in Paraguay I think of the following:

The smell of burning wood.

The desert.

People with brown leathery skin

And almost being sold as a prostitute.



lightspeedsound's picture

by lightspeedsound
Jan 14, 2013


This is how it works:

You get drunk. At a party. A glorious, summer party, one with lots of friends and boys (and girls) and beautiful people in general. You tend to throw yourself into things, especially tonight, because it...


TrixieBagginses's picture

by TrixieBagginses
Jan 14, 2013

I hope nobody takes this as another one of those awful SPAM posts. I just wanted to share a link to this small but budding Story SLAM website, featuring stories told live by local (Ann Arbor, MI) entrepreneurs. Other story lovers like me might...


melissagerr's picture

by melissagerr
Jan 13, 2013

The attached audio file is from the Stoop Storytelling Series, Baltimore, MD from June, 2012. TRT approx 6 min.

A long road trip along the Mississippi reveals a woman's peculiar obsession.  Owning up to the obsession...


Sometime in 2004, might have been 2003, I went for the weekend and my house was broken into. 

All my jewelry was stolen.  Not like I am a high roller, with lots of bling..I'm an artist.  My jewelry collection was like a...


andyjaybennett's picture

by andyjaybennett
Jan 11, 2013

The summer after my sophomore year of high school, I turned 16. It was my golden birthday, since I was born on June 16th. I had been told this was supposed to be a very special day, a birthday to remember forever. And for most of the day, it was...


Okai 3.0's picture

by Okai 3.0
Jan 10, 2013

Try this experiment. Gather a group of the cutest, sweetest, silliest, most rambunctious toddlers and little kids you know, even add a couple of bad-asses, into a room, maybe a living room. Make them feel safe. Give them rules but let them play....


rufus scott's picture

by rufus scott
Jan 08, 2013



alicia's picture

by alicia
Dec 30, 2012


Back in my first quarter of my first year of college, I took a Philosophy class. The graduate student teaching the class used to yell at us, "You can't. plan. fun!" and I'd scribble down those words in...


lindaoneal's picture

by lindaoneal
Dec 28, 2012

This is a story that was produced by Texas Folklife.  It's a story about my Vietnamese mother and I living in Austin, TX.  She helped create a Vietnamese community by renting apartments to large families.  This drastically...


wirwin's picture

by wirwin
Dec 26, 2012


Bootstrap, v. : To make use of existing resources or capabilities to raise (oneself) to a new situation or state; to modify or improve by making use of what is already present. 



angiepangie064's picture

by angiepangie064
Dec 24, 2012

   "You cradle robber!" he said to my father. We were in Tulum, Mexico on a random vacation in the middle of my hair pulling, snot bubble, tear causing process of applying to college. Why? Don't you need to spend any...