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pamelaalma's picture

by pamelaalma
Apr 27, 2012

 Telephone Mamas: 

Separating Families to Serve Our Own



jdjordan's picture

by jdjordan
Apr 11, 2012

I had been resistant to getting a new dog. We couldn’t afford one; we couldn’t afford the time to train a pup, the sleep deprivation, the continual puppy proofing the areas he would reside in, the contingent poop and pee cleanup. We...


tagSegeTeek's picture

by tagSegeTeek
Apr 10, 2012

Bubba got sour the movement at the Masters and he said "I just got into the trees, adage a crazy crack in my managing director, and instantly I'm wearing the Na‹ve Jacket". As a result of goodness for his power to visualize.

There's also...


So, the story was told to me by my friend about her husband. It is the kind of true story you can't make up. I have attached an audio file of her short version of this peculiar tale on a snowy Seattle evening.

I really enjoy your...


pbebergal's picture

by pbebergal
Apr 03, 2012

Jacob’s Dream
by Peter Bebergal


jacquelin's picture

by jacquelin
Apr 02, 2012

 Collage.  Second semester.


jsween's picture

by jsween
Apr 02, 2012

My life is one of many stories there is the one about my mom killing a two year old baby of the wealthy couple she was a nanny for and whatever unfortunate reason she made the unholy decision to lay the blame of that despicable crime on me,...


mattdough18's picture

by mattdough18
Mar 29, 2012

  The year was 1998, I was 24 Years old, and I was in my second year of teaching at a Preparatory School in Florida.  A grand tradition at the Middle School I taught at was that each grade take a trip to bringing harmony and unity to...


LeslieF80's picture

by LeslieF80
Mar 22, 2012

I tend to look for meaning in things. I look for recurring patterns on fake marble flooring and printed fabric, I find a rhythm quickly, and I am often struck by how one person may smell like some unique combination of things. My husband smells...


grahamgremore's picture

by grahamgremore
Mar 14, 2012

In third grade, my teacher, Mrs. Hibbish, assigned the class to write a brief essay answering the following question: If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? This was my response...


s100bus's picture

by s100bus
Mar 06, 2012

 I was with a friend from the office and I was looking for a parking space. 

The outdoor mall was huge, acres of pavement and I saw a space.

A car was pulling out and that blocked my view.

I pulled in and the car...


GrampaSappy's picture

by GrampaSappy
Mar 01, 2012

John talks about meeting an octopus in the cold waters of the Puget Sound.




Shuckfinn's picture

by Shuckfinn
Feb 29, 2012


gzacchai's picture

by gzacchai
Feb 22, 2012

One man's decision to skip being hip is rooted in a very ungroovy trip


ateamfamily444@yahoo.com's picture

by ateamfamily444@...
Feb 19, 2012

So, when I was 17 my friend DJ and I were walking home from school. We were walking down a street we went down every day when DJ saw a traffic cone just sitting there on the sidewalk. Being the rebellious, irresponsible young man he was he...