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Moving and relocating is not all about picking bulky items, there are numerous compact and soft things too belonged in the move. And these small things are the most complex ones to manage in a move. They are climate and handling sensitive things...


hmarie's picture

by hmarie
Apr 02, 2015

My stories are given through feelings of what I tell. Through the video link, I share them.


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by cjross
Apr 02, 2015

My older sister Lynne told me a strange story about an older male cousin that I never knew existed. Ours was a matriarchal family, so male cousins were a big deal to me and missing ones just made the mystery more intriguing.

My sister said...


SouthWood indeholder brugerdefineret interiør og eksteriør tegn i et næsten ubegrænset udvalg af materialer. Baseret på design ordninger, budgetter,...


jdhobbes's picture

by jdhobbes
Apr 01, 2015

I was invited to take part in Matt Goldberg's Confabulation in Montreal, which is a storytelling event where the stories must be true. This month's Confabulation theme was Science.

As  soon as I heard the theme, I had the...


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by robinmarvel
Apr 01, 2015



Many people regard moving for packing only. However it is not like this in any way. Unpacking in shifting is as much vital as packing. once you packed your belongings properly. And it reached desired destination...


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by robinmarvel
Mar 31, 2015


Many people regard relocating for packing only. However it is hardly like this at all. Unpacking in relocating is as much essential as packing. once you packed your stuff properly. And it reached desired destination secure still...


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by junbai97
Mar 30, 2015

Barend Raaff - Founder & CEO

Barend heeft ruim 15 jaar ondernemerservaring in digitale innovatie en wil met het enthousiaste Harver team innovatieve oplossingen ontwikkelen voor de...


TORONTO - Royal Bank of Canada (RY on TSX and NYSE) today launched its 2014 Online Annual Report. The interactive website shares the story behind...


Jakarta, Indonesia - Telecommunications have been evolving over the time we spent. Mobile phones are actually a necessity nowadays and are needed in the industry. Trends in telecommunications have evolved as well with an amazing speed. One of the...


Elliott Associates has this unique company motto that inspires its clients' complete trust: Marketing a property like they own it. Now, that is one real estate marketing strategy you do not...


Cheyney Group Blog - Last week’s column looked at five essential steps that business owners want to review BEFORE setting up QuickBooks software. This week, we’...