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Rotary's picture

by Rotary
Feb 03, 2015

The world looks very different when you’re looking at your bathroom’s tiled floor in the early morning hours.

You become hyper-aware. The orange light against the blue shower curtain is overwhelming. You can smell the toilet...


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Feb 02, 2015

Chapter 83


Snapper Judgment's picture

by Snapper Judgment
Jan 29, 2015

Chapter 79


cjross's picture

by cjross
Jan 25, 2015

One day my son asked me how I got the c-shaped scar on the palm of my right hand. The question made me smile as I answered my son.  I said, “I didn't get that scar, I earned it when I was twelve years old working construction with...


tomcerb's picture

by tomcerb
Jan 25, 2015


By Tom C. Erb

In 1960, at the age of 6, I went to the World Series. The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series that year against the New York Yankees, led by Bill Mazeroski who became the first player to hit...


tomcerb's picture

by tomcerb
Jan 25, 2015

“In My Life”

by Tom C. Erb

I was 10 years old the day that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show
- Sunday February 9, 1964. This was the first televised live performance of
The Beatles in United States....


marklamb's picture

by marklamb
Jan 25, 2015

"A Boy and His Dolly" is about  how as a young gay boy growing up in rural Kentucky Dolly Parton became my spiritual guide. 

This story began as an evening length show with live music that I produced in NYC and was...


JSLong214's picture

by JSLong214
Jan 15, 2015

Why should I take the time to again retell a story to a faceless audience that can not comprehend the depth of it.  A story that should never have happened. A Story that I cried out with tears and shouts and pain (oh, the unbelievable...


Scratchford's picture

by Scratchford
Jan 14, 2015

Here's a story about a man so taken with defending a cause that he donated on Kickstarter. You know what, the cause prevailed. Snap Judgement  survived. A small token of gratitude (his tee shirt) never came,  what was he to do?...


mcbostic's picture

by mcbostic
Jan 10, 2015

It was the beginning of September in 2012, that’s the furthest I can trace it back. I remember it so well because it was during the 2012 Democratic National Convention and I was working site security for the North Carolina Army National...


Jack Saddleback sat in a coffee shop in Saskatoon, Sask. Canada, remembering the moment he recognized that the spirituality he had been raised with and known all of his life, may not accept him anymore.

Saddleback was raised on the Samson...


mespeel007's picture

by mespeel007
Dec 30, 2014

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Nicholas Geisler's picture

by Nicholas Geisler
Dec 30, 2014

INTRO: I spent my last 3 summers bike touring as a leader of youth adventure programs, and my cross-continental Europe trip began no differently than any other.


cjross's picture

by cjross
Dec 29, 2014

In the 1990’s, I worked at a camping store in San Francisco. I loved working there as the employees were all outdoorsy, fitness oriented, and fun. I always had people to rock climb, ski, or mountain bike with. It was a fun part-time job for...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Dec 26, 2014

My friend Johnny Law and I were cross country skiing at Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort in Soda Springs, California. Soda Springs is in the Sierra Mountains. I loved cross country skiing for the quiet solitude, the sweeping vistas, and the...