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TheBadYoungMan's picture

by TheBadYoungMan
Nov 05, 2011

On July 3rd 2007 I went from my home in New Britain CT to Burlington VT to participate in a downhill

skateboarding event.  We sessioned on a hill over looking Lake Champlain for most of the afternoon, took a break

for some...


God dam mad doG's picture

by God dam mad doG
Oct 26, 2011

 I'm a legally blind disillusioned  dog, and this is my story.....


This was my 2nd attempt at making a film using pictures and video in (mostly) chronological order from my cell-phone to tell a serendipitous story....


God dam mad doG's picture

by God dam mad doG
Oct 26, 2011

I'm a leagily blind disillusioned dog, and this is my story.....


athambrecht's picture

by athambrecht
Oct 25, 2011

La.” (no).



“But, but… Welican, l’rajl...


DavidMonnie's picture

by DavidMonnie
Oct 11, 2011

This is a story of what starts out to be a day hike my wife and I recently took. On the drive to the trail head, we actually discuss how pathetic it is that people go out for a short hike, aren't prepared, get lost, and...


knoman's picture

by knoman
Oct 06, 2011

I had promised a friend that I would go to the Airport and purchase tickets for his 2 boys to fly to wisconsin later that week.  Unfortunately, it had slipped my mind, and when I finally realized my mistake, it was 5:30 pm on a Friday...


rapipes's picture

by rapipes
Sep 19, 2011

When I received my notification of acceptance from University of California, Berkeley I cried. I called my father and he wept. There was screaming and cheering and days of telling everyone I could about my incredible good fortune. As if I had...


jamesleewalkerii's picture

by jamesleewalkerii
Sep 15, 2011


                My kids won’t believe you.

I don’t like being forced to take words from anyone. I don’t own them, they belong...


betsybrains's picture

by betsybrains
Aug 28, 2011

Summer 1986 was hot and Dry, with a capital D. The drought of '86 is mentioned in Reservoir Dogs, and on July 3 of that hot bitch (relentless bastard?) my friends Bob, Wayne and I were bored in Birmingham, Alabama. I was 19; Bob and...


darabtrfly's picture

by darabtrfly
Aug 22, 2011

Right out of school I moved to Estes Park, CO and lived and worked at the Stanley Hotel. Yup, the Stanley where Stephen King wrote The Shining.

We had numerous ghost stories and encounters. The it was such a regular thing it became normal...


tblim's picture

by tblim
Aug 19, 2011




I recorded a disc  from my Ground hog and BB gun story.

My computer and connections weak.

I have a clean disc, I can send.

Audio stories Rule!!!!!!!!

Ben N



Christopher J. Doucot's picture

by Christopher J. ...
Aug 12, 2011

I was walking down Sadun St. in Baghdad on a hot Thursday evening when I was spooked.


campc8in's picture

by campc8in
Aug 10, 2011

 On this moonless mid-October night, after dining on fast food and making a quick grocery stop, I returned home, veering into the parking lot of my apartment complex. But as my headlights traced their arc in front of me, something in the...


daveburkeguy's picture

by daveburkeguy
Aug 08, 2011

I’m 27 and I play in a punk rock band. I love it. We love it. We’ve spent the past 10 years writing,  practicing, performing, recording, spending huge amounts of time, money, and aggravation, and primarily...