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ndeblaca@yahoo.com's picture

by ndeblaca@yahoo.com
Dec 19, 2012


Greg’s father coached sports in the local schools.  One summer day a group of us wanted a pickup baseball game and the guy who usually brought the bats and balls was not around.  Greg said ‘I can get what we...


ekantor's picture

by ekantor
Dec 18, 2012

Like many, I can safely say that my college years were some of the best years of my life. There were friends, obscure liberal arts classes, house shows, bars, cheap beer cans, marijuana, lectures on saving the environment and various sexual...


mccormickg's picture

by mccormickg
Dec 16, 2012

In late January 2011 a student of mine brought a loaded handgun into my sophomore world history class.  I’m thankful every single day that he kept the weapon in his backpack and had no intention of using it at school.  By all...


richardleslie's picture

by richardleslie
Dec 15, 2012




I am Mickey Mantle, switch-hitting slugger of the New York Yankees.  Ripper of rawhides, launcher of long balls.  Young boys idolize me...


Rafael Calderon's picture

by Rafael Calderon
Dec 14, 2012

i am a psychotherapist and having wriiten 26 accounts from my personal and some professional 

recollections of deaths of people i have known. i am 71 years of age and work two days a week.

If one of the recollections has...


mariana williams's picture

by mariana williams
Dec 05, 2012



Taylor Orci's picture

by Taylor Orci
Nov 26, 2012



pavlovbot's picture

by pavlovbot
Nov 25, 2012

I was living in Odessa, TX, my hometown, at the time. I had been going through some rough times and had stayed early into the morning talking things out with a friend at his apartment. When I left, I stopped by a gas station to pick up some oil...


hartman.christy@gmail.com's picture

by hartman.christy...
Nov 23, 2012

 I'm seven years old and my dad and I are looking at mummies. We're at Walter's Art Gallery in Baltimore Maryland. The mummies, their tombs are black and gold, burnt sienna. Inside, the remains of an ancient civilization. Tucked...


Linda Ravenswood's picture

by Linda Ravenswood
Nov 21, 2012


Last of the Red Hot Lovers


As nice as the Obama is,

as handsome und sexy

und ever-thing else about

his talking with speeches,



KindBeast's picture

by KindBeast
Nov 20, 2012

My mother and fathergrew up in the 1970's in Mt. Vernon ,New York. I always heard stories of how great things were, you know the typical "Back in the day" mess.High school sweethearts they were and they wanted nothing more than to be...


Julia Boldina's picture

by Julia Boldina
Nov 19, 2012

Sometimes there are situations in which you can be easily a winner. And you are ready for it mentally, physically or both.  But instead of fighting you apologize and step back.


AndrewJosephwhite's picture

by AndrewJosephwhite
Nov 18, 2012



The m16 is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder fired rifle. It was first fielded in 1962. At 8.8 ponds the M16 is light enough to be carried in any engagement. It has twenty-seven...


jtrought's picture

by jtrought
Nov 17, 2012

Nullifying the violations of blood we innocently comitt will solve the crippling effects of failure we accept as normal. The paralytic symptoms have no rhyme or reason.  The only uniformed detectable pattern is misfortune that...


Bank account '" usually that monthly statement or alert from the bank. These loans are particularly designed when individuals with tight cash. However a pretty large level of lenders which are broadly accessible online so it is convenient and...