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Thailandtraveler's picture

by Thailandtraveler
Jun 01, 2011

 "The club is now closing "  I heard the watresses say almost in chorus over the loud music in this Thai favorite disco..It was Bangkok ,Nana  Soi 11        .... 2 am and a club of mostly thai party...


mickisuzanne's picture

by mickisuzanne
May 31, 2011

We were both born in 1950 - a few months and five houses apart. Her family was Catholic; my family was my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We were Jehovah’s Witnesses.



Thomas Henry Wartell's picture

by Thomas Henry Wartell
May 30, 2011

   so there I was a peaceful little buddhist boy I prefer the term W.A.S.A.B.I or white anglo saxon buddhist individual getting ready for my new school I mentioned offhandely that I was gay and that all hell broke loose I can't changing...


kgarnier's picture

by kgarnier
May 30, 2011

Two little girls, a dead mouse, and a pike pump.


m.marks's picture

by m.marks
May 28, 2011



jpsnagi's picture

by jpsnagi
May 28, 2011

Here is the story I want to tell ...



jpsnagi's picture

by jpsnagi
May 28, 2011

I have the whole story here ...



toffenet's picture

by toffenet
May 27, 2011




By Laura Toffenetti 



michellejoyce's picture

by michellejoyce
May 23, 2011


Ling's picture

by Ling
May 23, 2011

     Once I flew through a thunder/lightening storm in Nebraska, naked, in a 1948 Stinson 4-seater cloth airplane with my schizo-affective (schizophrenic plus bi-polar) boyfriend - who was a 3-pack a day chain smoker.  I...


vanessa_eve's picture

by vanessa_eve
May 20, 2011

I met Jeremy in October of 2007.  How we met, where we met, and when we met was totally random happenstance. If any of the conditions or timing had been any different, we would have never found one another. After the first night of...


Matt Golden's picture

by Matt Golden
May 17, 2011

 A story of a time when we were young and kinda stupid. Probably still are. Basically my first arrest (probably milder than others)


kmaddox's picture

by kmaddox
May 16, 2011



Malestrom's picture

by Malestrom
May 15, 2011


Malestrom's picture

by Malestrom
May 15, 2011