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This youtube link is my narration, with pictures, of the below story called What Kind of Love Has it Got to do With.



Dan's picture

by Dan
Apr 28, 2011



SamSkeist's picture

by SamSkeist
Apr 27, 2011

 Marathon drinker into a marathon runner. Here's my slam-poem-story...




John Cunningham's picture

by John Cunningham
Apr 24, 2011

    The receptionist at the architectural firm on Page Street with the three story glass windows and doors told me the Fed Ex package would be ready in 10 minutes.  I sighed,

     "Is it East Coast?...


Deborah Pintonelli's picture

by Deborah Pintonelli
Apr 19, 2011










mhbungert's picture

by mhbungert
Apr 17, 2011

Julian's Messes Today:
1. Kleenex everywhere
2. Water all over the floor in the bathroom
3. Bowls and small appliances out of the cupboard and all over the floor
4. the number of poopy diapers today
5. Applesauce...


lmcshane's picture

by lmcshane
Apr 17, 2011

Awhile back, a slightly off-center, pot-smoking intellectual named Norm Roulet introduced Drupal, open source networking and the concept of accountability in local government to Northeast Ohio.

That experiment is REALNEO at...


juliannoisecat's picture

by juliannoisecat
Apr 14, 2011

            When I was a boy, I would often be caught daydreaming, mostly about my father. My behavior was not unique. Many boys, particularly those who grow up without their dads, spend time...


graham314's picture

by graham314
Apr 09, 2011

On the first day of junior high school, I decided to make a statement to the other students, a declaration of principles about who I was and what I stood for. That's why I wore a Superman T-shirt.  I didn't realize that something...


Maggid's picture

by Maggid
Apr 09, 2011

I was 25 and I needed a good lawyer for the first time in my life.  I called my mother for advice.  She was in law school at the time, but she did what I expected her to do.  As she barely contained her mirth, she ticked...


storyteller44's picture

by storyteller44
Apr 08, 2011

Myself and two associates, Bob and Debbie, made a trip to Chicago from Ohio to make a presentation to one of our major accounts. The presentation went well and was completed in a timely manner. Bob suggested that we leave right away to airport to...


balefulregards's picture

by balefulregards
Apr 06, 2011

 And now, at the start of spring, I give you a summer story.



Facts for Life's picture

by Facts for Life
Apr 01, 2011

  This is a true story.

It happened two days after my father died while I sat next to him on his Hopsice bed, doing nothing in a situation where my training was screaming for me to do something....


balefulregards's picture

by balefulregards
Mar 21, 2011

 The story I am about to relate has no basis in truth. It is an entirely made up tale. No one in this saga lives on earth. I am quite literally pulling this story out of my ass. Any similarity to people living or dead is purely coincidental...


The news that Hosni Mubarak resigns his post was greeted with jubilation from thousands of people across Egypt. Mubarak left Cairo for the family home in Sharm el-Sheikh, which is located on the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. Vice President Omar...