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kaylapoopie's picture

by kaylapoopie
Mar 16, 2011

I want to make your arms mine again.
With your arms around me,
you kept me warm and I am finally

She was homeless and wanted your arms
as her own.
She plotted and manipulated,
your arms became...


Nick Cozza's picture

by Nick Cozza
Mar 15, 2011

Man it was fucking hot! 

It was March 1977 in New Jersey, and what was worse I was back inside the good old Pathway Bakery down on Broad Street In Newark. I had finally given up hope, thinking that I was destined for...


YaeEun Cho's picture

by YaeEun Cho
Mar 14, 2011

           Last Christmas, I went to New York for the first time. New York was one of the cities that I had really wanted to visit before I graduate from my university. Whenever I watched several...


gregjones61's picture

by gregjones61
Mar 08, 2011

Fag! Queer! Fruit! These words were thrown around a great deal in Birmingham, Alabama elementary schools and high schools to attack someone’s masculinity. I might have been guilty of it myself, back then, during the late 70's. At one...


gregjones61's picture

by gregjones61
Mar 08, 2011

Looking out through mother's back porch sliding glass door I can see out over the woods separating our backyard and the backyard of the houses on the next street, in the Birmingham, Alabama suburb. A good two hundred yards of dense wooded area...


Deborah Pintonelli's picture

by Deborah Pintonelli
Mar 08, 2011

 Deborah Pintonelli




Wyl Villacrez's picture

by Wyl Villacrez
Mar 07, 2011


Nathan Sterner's picture

by Nathan Sterner
Mar 03, 2011

This is a story about a lie.

And why you shouldn't tell a lie to the physician's assistant at your local clinic.

Because no one succeeds when a CAT scan is involved.

(with apologies to the Beach Boys) 


kaylapoopie's picture

by kaylapoopie
Mar 02, 2011

My anxiety is dug out by you and you alone.

I told you not to dig, but you continued to excavate.

You shifted the blame on me, and proclaimed that

I was crazy.

You were the one

who shatter my insides, and you...


kaylapoopie's picture

by kaylapoopie
Mar 02, 2011

Two and a half years ago, I met my love from across the pond on FB. We were in love by first chat. My parents flipped out even though I am a grown adult by the time he and I met. Finally, he came to NYC to see me, and I knew I want him to be...


Brociden's picture

by Brociden
Mar 01, 2011

Everyone has “one of those nights,” you know, one of those nights where severe consequences are bound to happen.  Well, I thought “my night” was first semester when I took 23 shots and yaked for about 20 straight...


I had already survived combat in Vietnam. I'd survived the belts, switches and fists that define child abuse, and a narrowly averted mid-air collision in a jetliner. But I often think that the closest I ever came to dying was that September night...


Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter's picture

by Kimberly Yarbro...
Feb 25, 2011

It was 3 in the morning, and I felt a presence climb into bed with me.  Asleep, I couldn't awake to check on my nocturnal visitor.  My eyes closed, but part of my senses alert I felt pressure along my spine, like that of a finger...


Sohrab Bashiri's picture

by Sohrab Bashiri
Feb 24, 2011

A New Turn in Life


krwillis's picture

by krwillis
Feb 24, 2011

I will never forget the day I got the call. Saturday October 18th 2008, around 10a.m at a volleyball tournament I was playing in I was told that a good friend of mine had been killed in a car accident. Kyle Jeffery Wickliff, the class clown, a...