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This is a traditional Hindu tale recorded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in February 2010 in a cafe to an audience of over 30 people. The storyteller is John David Hickey (...


Tyler Petty's picture

by Tyler Petty
Jan 11, 2011

Ordinarily, I don’t have a problem talking to homeless guys. This time, though, I would’ve rather talked to anyone other than the man I saw across the street. But it was a Michigan winter night; no one else was outside. I was in...


Thfidge's picture

by Thfidge
Jan 10, 2011

About ten years ago, when I was a sophomore in college, my boyfriend Ry, his best friend Jeh, my foriegn exchange student friend from Japan Tomoko and I all decided to visit New York City over spring break.  Tomoko and I were students at...



     I'm a venture capitalist with Charles River Ventures and I LOVE your show. We have an seed financing program to fund Internet startups.  We are allowed to commit up to $50K (on...


Heather Hughes's picture

by Heather Hughes
Jan 06, 2011


David Rosen's picture

by David Rosen
Jan 05, 2011





50solo's picture

by 50solo
Jan 03, 2011

Just before I started junior high school, my family and I moved into a high-rise building that I considered the height of sophistication and modernity.


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by rinstek
Jan 03, 2011

Names On A Wall

Rin Steketee


rinstek's picture

by rinstek
Jan 03, 2011


Rin Steketee

© Copyright 2001 by Rin Steketee


I am 39 years old. Female, white, married. I have a Ph.D., am successful at my job and live in a middle-class neighborhood in a coastal town in the Pacific Northwest. The only things missing to make it a perfect American life are a dog and...


Chrystine Julian's picture

by Chrystine Julian
Dec 25, 2010

 It is easy for me to get caught up in what I do and take on a bit of arrogance. I am quite flexible and have never strained a muscle as I pat myself on the back. Fortunately the universe has a way of keeping me in check. One example is what...


Rue McKenrick's picture

by Rue McKenrick
Dec 20, 2010

Below  is a short explanation of what brought me to carry, on foot a five pound rock from Canada to Mexico
in 2007.  It is a story of beast of burden, romance in the stone, sacrifice, and yielding a great...


sparkice's picture

by sparkice
Dec 17, 2010

There’s an old Yiddish expression.  A “Schlamiel” is the kind of moron who spills his hot borscht soup in someone’s lap.  A “Schlamazzle” is the fool who gets that hot borscht...


One night back in April (2010) I watched a documentary about the protestors from Westboro Baptist Church(those fundees who are obsessed with homosexuality). Well, I was struck by how decent a person that one of the church goers seemed to be(once...