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Mama Mamiya's picture

by Mama Mamiya
May 11, 2010

In Honduras,  the police and medical facilities aren't organized enough to clean up and hide freshly killed bodies quickly. The result? The public gets a full viewing. Charles Stevens learned this the hard way.

WARNING: Some graphic...

bonjour haiti's picture

by bonjour haiti
May 10, 2010

Justin and his mother went to Haiti with a bunch of medical supplies, determined to help as many people as they could. They provide the most aid in the mountains, where there is little to no medical aid because it is so difficult to travel there...

bonjour haiti's picture

by bonjour haiti
May 10, 2010

Justin's mother, a white woman from Florida, adopted Robert from Haiti when he was a small child. But when Robert found his biological parents, he returned to live in his mother country. After the earthquake, Justin and his mother hustled to...

Check out what is interesting to a 6 year old boy with autism. He is my my nephew, and i never really understood his mindset until now. 


KatLepera's picture

by KatLepera
May 04, 2010

The air was still warm--but I still shivered as the sun set. It was a habit from years of living in northern climates where, the majority of the year, when the rays disappear, cold sets in. But in Thailand, it was different. It never got...

nazelah's picture

by nazelah
Apr 27, 2010


boyd_rljr's picture

by boyd_rljr
Apr 26, 2010

Craig, a former minor league baseball player turned software executive had it with the software business.  So, naturally, he bought 5 pregnant asian water buffalo, rented 6 acres on a nothern California goat ranch and set out to make Italian...

Muni Diaries's picture

by Muni Diaries
Apr 26, 2010

Mel gets the true communal San Francisco experience on the ultimate Party Bus. 

Muni Diaries is a place to share and read rider tales and news about the sometimes crappy, sometimes efficient...

Muni Diaries's picture

by Muni Diaries
Apr 26, 2010

Jesse  was taking the 1 California, which is usually a commuter bus of San Francisco's elite businesspeople and some elderly Asian people. Sounds like bus heaven, right? Not today. A homeless man shoves his way on, the WASPs can't deal and...

Muni Diaries's picture

by Muni Diaries
Apr 26, 2010

 Mel was new to San Francisco's public transportation, so she was just bumbling along, trying to get from place to place. But those rumors about crime on the Muni exist for a reason. A cautionary tale!

stephaniesays's picture

by stephaniesays
Apr 24, 2010

 Lee lives in Santa Clara, California. He sees things. Ghosts. They come to him and knock late every night.

From ten thousand miles away, a Chinese seer watches. He knows that if Lee doesn't get help, he'll be in big trouble. My dad...

arayasunshyne's picture

by arayasunshyne
Apr 22, 2010

dysfunctional family with smiling faces

i walked away at 18

lived though 5 years in the fetal position

no internal injuries but my soul was bruised

my battle scars hidden with a melancholy smile

married a man...

Snap Snap Girl Please's picture

by Snap Snap Girl ...
Apr 22, 2010

 Sometimes neutrality is an act of war unto itself. Video and story about being in between two warring parents. 

Shot by Daniel Miller-Shroeder, written and acted by Stephanie Foo and narrated by Rebecca Hertz. 

Ten Fingers's picture

by Ten Fingers
Apr 20, 2010

Emily  would have done almost anything for her first boyfriend. And she would do it almost everywhere. So when she finally drew the line, she didn't expect everything to come crashing down. 


CAUTION: Explicit sexual...

xserenax's picture

by xserenax
Apr 20, 2010

Emma Dunnsmore's grandpa never said a word about his dragon tattoo for 50 years. When he finally decided to break his silence, out tumbled a seafaring tale of submarines and pirates that nobody could have expected.