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Bensajew's picture

by Bensajew
Nov 10, 2014

I was nine or ten years old, letting my arms dangle over the top of the metal gate to the corral, standing on the second or third green steel bar so I could see over the cattle already penned.  It was spring in Montana, and the cold of the...


Bensajew's picture

by Bensajew
Nov 10, 2014

From where I’m standing in Battery Park waiting for the ferry, I can simultaneously see the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.  The brass and steel globe that used to stand in the courtyard of the World Trade Center was moved...


Bensajew's picture

by Bensajew
Nov 10, 2014

I went to a fortune teller some years back.  She didn’t need the palm of my hand, and she didn’t use cards.  In fact, the telling felt more like a medical examination than a trip into the supernatural.  She claimed to...


Bensajew's picture

by Bensajew
Nov 10, 2014

I picked up my first hitchhiker about five years ago when I was headed to a meeting in Salt Lake City.  I’m not exactly sure why I stopped on that particular day.  For reasons too long to share, I suppose I’ve always assumed...


EricN8886's picture

by EricN8886
Nov 09, 2014

When I was a baby, my grandma got me a teddy bear. This wasn't just any teddy bear. This was the 1986 Bloomingdale's Christmas Teddy Bear by Gund. You see, around holiday time, Bloomingdale's ran a special that if you spent more than...


EddieLin's picture

by EddieLin
Nov 07, 2014

A Chinese Christmas Carol


Eddie Lin


I knew something was up. Even at the tender age of four, I could smell a scheme simmering. My mom was fussing over me and my little brother more than usual. She...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Nov 07, 2014

In the 1990’s, there was a marijuana garden located in Muir Woods adjacent Mill Valley, California. The National Park Service assigned two narcotics investigators to the criminal investigation.  The marijuana garden was cleverly...


Nicholas Geisler's picture

by Nicholas Geisler
Nov 06, 2014

I've attached the story of my family's first and last cross-country roadtrip, a trip from Georgia to Montana with an Italian foreign exchange student and the prettiest girl my 10 year-old self had ever seen. Rather than try and...


Aeolian's picture

by Aeolian
Nov 05, 2014

When I was a little girl, my dad started an internet service company. We were around computers all the time, so I taught myself how to type before I got to kindergarden. Pretty soon, I was using the Internet too, all by myself. It wasn't long...


cjross's picture

by cjross
Oct 26, 2014

In late December 1992, I was a police officer working the day work shift from 7am to 5pm. I'd been at the San Francisco Field Office as a US Park Policeman working in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for about a year after...


mizzsolaris's picture

by mizzsolaris
Oct 20, 2014

One day I was sitting at my desk, in the office of a big souless corporation, bean counting, when I turn on the podcast and heard that... 

Enjoy the artwork! http://lifestorykeeper.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/snap-judge-...


aloosegrip's picture

by aloosegrip
Oct 19, 2014

The story has been intensely emotional for me and has not always been easy to tell. For a long time I thought I might never write it down, leaving it as a story for oral tradition only. But, convincing from those who have heard my story pushed me...


myesufu's picture

by myesufu
Oct 16, 2014

Belgium Stewardess Story uploaded audio below


zamendt's picture

by zamendt
Oct 15, 2014

Bad luck or misfortune doesn’t come in threes. It comes in sevens.

Here’s proof.

April 27th, 1994, wasn’t shaping up to be my father’s worst day –not at first.

Most days when the world has it out...


Casey8881's picture

by Casey8881
Oct 14, 2014

I was five years old and snuggled safely in bed when I heard it.  A sound that still sends chills up my spine well into adulthood.  Aside from a chorus of chirping crickets or the occasional lone coyote howling in the distance, our wood...