Walking in the Park

I walk in my local park daily and like to listen to audio books or news.  Recently while on the NPR app I ventured from the news to programs where I came upon Snap Judgment.  I scrolled through the topics and first chose 'Big Poppa', for no reason, just chose.    I completely enjoyed and cracked up over the story of being envious oven another Dad who 'seemed' perfect but.... 

Today during my walk I chose 'Absolution' - wow....wow....I am hooked, where have you been all my life.  The story of Thao Nguyen and her Grandmother was huge.  The story of the twins of the Holocaust had me crying my walk home from the park.  Thank you for, in just two programs, reaching and touching my everything on so many levels.  In love with your show and cannot wait to discover more.  


This show is really good and the stories they play are heart touching. Read here