Snap Live in Ann Arbor! - SNAP - Snap #420

"Snap Judgment LIVE in Ann Arbor!" It's a night of unforgettable storytelling at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival brought to you by Michigan Radio. Snap celebrates 100 episodes on NPR and PRX, and you get the very best seat in the house.

GlynnShannon CasonJoe KlocekCaitlin GillRives Vijai Nathan


Original Music by Alex Mandel
Music Performed by Alex Mandel and the Snap Judgment Players (Tim Frick and David Brandt)

Performed live at The Power Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan
In partnership with Michigan Radio and The Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Glynn Washington - "The Golden Man"

In a stressful world Glynn finds one man on whom he can always unload his burden. Until that man turns against him.

Shannon Cason - "The Street Evangelist"

Shannon spends his days on the street corners preaching to the masses, but his biggest temptation is his partner in salvation.

Joe Klocek "The California Confederacy"

When the owner of the bar asks comedian Joe Klocek NOT to make fun of his confederate flag….


Caitlin Gill "The Minivan"

A young woman feels trapped in her body, until one day she finds the perfect getaway vehicle.

Rives - "Black Magic Women"

Rives goes head to head with karma and the supernatural in a small LA bistro.

Vijai Nathan "Like A Virgin"

Vijai discovers that once you lose your virginity it is almost impossible to get it back. Almost.

Storytellers: Shannon Cason, Caitlin Gill, Joe Klocek, Vijai Nathan, Rives and Glynn Washington

Produced by Glynn Washington, Mark Ristich, Jeanette Aguilar, Jamie DeWolf and Will Urbina

Director of Photography: Will Urbina
Assistant Director: Renzo Gorrio
Re-recording Mixer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Special Thanks to Tamar Charney, Jenn White and Jeff Beyersdorf