Pariah - Snap #504

What if they really ARE out to get you?

On an all-new Snap Judgment, we proudly present "Pariah."  On public radio stations nationwide, or get some right here at the click. 

The Tribe

When Glynn goes to a pow-wow to discover his Native American heritage he uncovers something else entirely.

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Family Secrets

Rita Gigante grew up knowing her dad suffered from crippling mental illness, but she didn’t know who her father really was.

Producer: Anna Sussman

No Place Like Home

Neil White was a business man living well with his wife and kids. until he was convicted of bank fraud and sentenced to serve 18 months in a minimum security prison in Carville, Louisiana. It was there that he first encountered leprosy.

Producer: Anna Sussman
Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Confession

Performed live at Tales from The South. J.W. Taylor tells his coming of age story about the night at the church lock-in.

Produced: Tales from The South