The Old Man With the Dragon Tattoo

Emma Dunnsmore's grandpa never said a word about his dragon tattoo for 50 years. When he finally decided to break his silence, out tumbled a seafaring tale of submarines and pirates that nobody could have expected.  


Taliban is a group in Afghanistan that has killed a lot of people since the 9/11 incident in the United States.Talibans are terrorists that wants to kill a lot of people to make the government give them attention.Since the attack last September 11, 2001 in the States by the Taliban, a lot of people have lost their lives as well as businesses suffered a lot.A lot of buildings,private and public properties have been destroyed.There were a lot of people that were also injured because nobody expected that something bad will happen.Now, the feud between US and Afghanistan are still going strong.There are a lot of American Military troops that have been send by the US in Afghanistan.The Talibans are mad because these American Troops doesn't want to leave their place.The Talibans killed a lot of people in Kandahar to warn these American troops that they should leave Afghanistan soon.President Obama is doing everything he can to make the troops return home because he wants these public killings to stop.